SDG 08: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Bonn: Women in Agricultural Value Chains: Experiences, Impacts & Commitments for the Future

                                                                                                                       © Klaus Wöhrmann Women in Agricultural Value Chains – Experiences, Impacts & Commitments for the Future When? Thursday, 8. March 2018, 14:00-17:30 CET plus Reception afterwards Where? GIZ Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40; 53113 Bonn; Conference Room “Saal Nil”and S4B With? Dr.

Ethiopia: On the Move to Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

INTRODUCING STEP The Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP) is committed to improve the quality of education in vocational colleges and universities of Ethiopia for women and men. We work together to better the quality of teaching, establish effective systems

Ethiopia: The Female Innovator Support Group & First Female Business Idea Competition at Hawassa University

1. Introduction – How it starts and what we have achieved so fare 2. Background – What need to be known to understand the low female participation? 3. The FIS Concept, the FIS Group and the FIS Activities & Capacities

Kenya: #SheShapesSolar

Using social media to create awareness and interest of women by women in the solar industry The Campaign 1.How we got here 2.The process 3.How does it look? 4.So what? How did we get to a campaign? Selected project outputs

Sierra Leone: Empowering Women in Sierra Leone’s Mining Communities

Please note that the following characters and dialogue are fictive and do not reflect a situation that has really happened. However, figures, events and names cited are correct. And nonetheless, just maybe, somewhere in Sierra Leone’s East and major mining

Tanzania: Unlocking Benefits of Electrification for Women

According to the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, Tanzania ranks 68th out of 144 countries in terms of women’s economic participation, and is far away from closing the gender gap. Access to and utilization of electricity in Tanzania continues to

Uganda: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Many of Uganda’s developmental issues can be traced back to underlying Gender inequalities. Over half of married women report to have experienced violence by their partner. Internationally Uganda has the highest percentage of women (40%) and men (36%) who agree

Eschborn: GIZ Gender Award Ceremony 2018

Where? Friday, 9. March 2018, 12 noon – 3:00 pm Where? Eschborn, Audi 1+2, Live Stream With? Tanja Gönner, GIZ Board Member and Caren Grown, World Bank Group Senior Director GIZ Gender Award 2018: Gender equality is a quality feature

Ghana: Women moving the city

Public transport in Ghana‘s capital city Accra is strongly dominated by men and almostentirely provided by self-organized small scale private mini-bus operators. Questionable driving attitude among the operators and male drivers leads to a high rate of accidents. In order

Senegal: Egalité des genres : Valorisation des activités des femmes rurales au Sénégal: Exemple du projet pilote à Félane

L’accès aux énergies renouvelables : une opportunité pour l’autonomisation économique des femmes rurales Le Sénégal a fait de grandes avancées dans la prise en compte du genre dans les différents secteurs du développement, mais un long chemin reste encore à

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Madagascar: L’egalite, ca marche! Au sein du programme d’appui a la gestion de l’environnement

1. Promotion de l’égalité entre les sexes Contexte A Madagascar, les femmes subissent les effets des pesanteurs socioculturelles et des préjugés sexistes qui entravent le plus souvent leur contribution au développement, elles sont les premières victimes des crises et des

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Burkina Faso: 1ère femme chauffeur de la coopération allemande au Burkina 

GIZ – Concours genre 2016 Expérience de Mlle Nakoulma 1ère femme chauffeur de la Coopération Allemande au Burkina !!! En réponse à l’appel de la Chancelière Allemande, Angela Merkel, lors de son discours à la réunion des dirigeantes et dirigeants

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Timor Leste: Advisory and Training for the Maritime Sector in Timor-Leste (ATMI-TLS)

Project title: Advisory and Training for the Maritime Sector in Timor-Leste (ATMI-TLS) Project data: Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Lead executing agency: Timor-Leste Ministry for Transport and Communication (MoTC) Duration: 07/2013 – 06/2016 Gender Marker:

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