GIZ Gender Week 2021

GIZ Gender Week 2021




Gender at GIZ

Welcome Note

Gender equality is a human right and a guiding principle and quality feature of our work.

The emphasis is on creating and expanding equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. Together with our partners we drive the gender-equality-agenda, build institutional capacities and support individuals in enjoying their rights and unleashing their potentials. Many of GIZ’s projects and internal practices and provisions attest to this and demonstrate how gender-based discrimination and disparities can be overcome in a pursuit to realize gender equality.

Thanks to the GIZ-Gender Strategy, the Safeguards+Gender Management System and well proven and applied approaches to promoting and strengthening  gender equality around the world, we are well-positioned and equipped to actively contribute to gender justice in our company and around the world.

Let’s team up and work together to close existing gender gaps and realize equal rights and opportunities, now and for ALL!

Dirk Aßmann and Angela Langenkamp

GIZ Gender Strategy

‚Gender reloaded: Vision needs Attitude – Attitude meets Action’

The promotion of gender equality and the elimination of gender-based disadvantages and discrimination through our services and commission management and the promotion of equal opportunities policy within the company are two strategic pillars of our corporate-policy orientation. The GIZ Gender Strategy embodies those two pillars and actively communicates them inside and outside the company. Its implementation is organized around five strategic pillars: political will and accountability, corporate culture, gender knowledge, supporting processes and the promotion of equal opportunities within GIZ.

GIZ’s Gender Strategy is a binding framework for all GIZ managers, employees and workforce members. They bring the strategy to life and translate it into specific action. An extensive internal network including more than 300 gender focal points in Germany and abroad is instrumental in implementing the Gender Strategy.

The Gender Strategy includes a clear presentation of the gender architecture in the company and GIZ’s position on gender diversity and gender justice. Itis binding for subcontractors, too, and it is a source information and guidance for commissioning parties and partners.

The annual monitoring and reporting cycle begins on 1st July and ends on 30th June. The results will be available in a consolidated manner for strategy and annual planning purposes. They will also be included in the Integrated Corporate Report (IUB).

You want to learn more about the strategy, watch our short introductory video or download the strategy itself:

Gender Strategy Full Text (pdf)


Gender Strategy Key Messages (pdf)


Onboarding Video on Gender in GIZ

Gender Award 2020

On March 3rd Tanja Gönner, Chair of the GIZ Management Board and Dirk Aßmann, GIZ Gender Ambassador in the presence of Chiara Adamo, Human rights, Equality and Democracy Head of Unit at European Commission, Birgit Pickel, Deputy Director General of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Reinhard Limbach, Deputy Mayor of the City of Bonn, handed over the Gender Awards to the winners of the Gender Competition 2020 in three categories: GG2, GG1 and GM (Gender Mainstreaming).

The Award Winners are: 


GG1 – Gender Equality is an important and deliberate objective

1st Place:
Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative‘s “Women Mobilize Women”

2nd Place: Digital Tools empowering Women on Nutrition Security

3rd Place: The Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa – Gender Equality as a cross-cutting objective in the GIZ APSA Project

3rd Place: Strengthening Gender Equality in the Extractive Industry


Please find all the Runners-Up in the GG1 Category here.


GG2 – Gender Equality is the main objective of the project

1st Place: Incubation and Acceleration Support for women-led Enterprises in India

1st Place: Step it up for Gender Equality in South African Media


Please find the Runners-Up in the GG2 Category here.


GM – Gender Mainstreaming inside GIZ

1st Place: Change starts with us! For a Culture that respects Difference. Tunisia

2nd Place: Small Steps forward to Gender Equality. Vietnam

3rd Place: Small Steps, big Changes! Brazil


Please find the Runners-Up in the Gender Mainstreaming Category here.


GIZ Gender Gateway - GIZ internal only

The Gender Gateway offers an overview and easy access to information as well as exchange platforms on a company-wide level.

IDA Gender Community - GIZ internal only

GIZ Colleagues, Register and become a member of the IDA Gender Network: join now!


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