Communicating Gender Award 2017

In 2017, for the second time, GIZ Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN proudly called for submissions to the “Communicating Gender” contest.
This contest serves to reward the best examples for the promotion of gender equality. GIZ management and the gender working group honour outstanding approaches, share good practices and also motivate teams to take part in the next company-wide gender competition in 2018. Innovative approaches and activities from all sectors, contributing to gender equality, were welcome.

Six proposals were submitted and four won one of the GIZ Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN “Communicating Gender” prizes in 2017. You have the opportunity to learn more about colleagues initatives and approaches to advancing gender equality in Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN countries:

Categorie GG1:
1. Place: Peace and Youth Promotion Project – Peace Fund
2. Place: Fostering Women in Science and Technology through Collaboration with the Private Sector
3. Place: Gender Mainstreaming in the “Forests and Climate Change Programme” (FORCLIME) in Indonesia
4. Place: The Role of Social Media in Gender Mainstreaming for Climate and Policy Making: Urban Transportation in Semarang City
5. Place: Empowering women in the quest for universal energy access for all

Catergorie GG0:
1. Place: Encouraging women in a ‘masculine’ world