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Projection du documentaire “Mi seeri ma” (Je te repudie) de l’auteur Dr Aissatou

“Mi Seeri Ma”, est un documentaire en langue Fulfulde et transcris en Français, qui aconte la parcourt de vie de mariage d’une jeune femme qui a été mariée 5 fois et répudié 7 fois. Elle relate le contexte socioculturel de

Inclusive Perspectives: Navigating Gender Intersectionality in Our Service Planning and Delivery

As part of this year’s GIZ Egypt Gender Month, we’re thrilled to invite you to an interactive webinar addressing an increasingly relevant topic: (Gender) Intersectionality! An intersectional approach puts the perspective of the marginalized person or group front and center

Découverte littérature féministe locale – GIZ Bénin

With the events in March, GIZ will be celebrating the month of Gender Equality and Gender Justice. For commemorating International Women’s Day on March 8th, GIZ Benin is organising a Brown Bag Lunch on the 21st of march to discover,

MenstruAction – One goal, many initiatives

As highlighted by the German Development Minister Svenja Schulze on the international Menstrual Hygiene Day in 2022, “Menstruation should not be a taboo!” Aligned with BMZ’s ‘Feminist development policy – for just and strong societies worldwide’, we, the staff initiative

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Iniciativa de Género y Diversidad para el Desarrollo Sostenible en América Latina y el Caribe

Gender month & IWD in GIZ Nigeria & ECOWAS

Gender, Mobility, and Disability: The intersection of varied experiences

Gender, Mobility, and Disability: The intersection of varied experiences Women Mobilize Women and Mobycon present the webinar series “Intersectionality of Gender & Mobility”. Delve into the world of mobility with us as we challenge assumptions and embrace inclusivity! 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚇 The

Gender-Based Violence in Mongolia

Kick-off Gender Week – Gender-based violence in Mongolia: a problem without a solution? GIZ in Mongolia invites a national gender expert and Professor Tumendelger to face the facts of gender inequality in Mongolia. Homes, schools, workplaces and the internet are the

Webinar: Oportunidades de mueres que cambian vidas de mujeres.

    Seminario web: Oportunidades que transforman vidas de mujeres   En conmemoración del Día Internacional de las Mujeres, 8 de marzo, el Grupo Focal de Género de GIZ Ecuador les invita a participar en este webinar dedicado a explorar

Periods@Work – Why the topic of menstruation belongs at work

When? Tuesday, 14. March, 13:00 – 14:00 CET Where? MS TEAMS With? Daniela Spies, Equal Opportunities Commissioner, Adela Llatja, Gender Focal Person GIZ Albania, Katrin Freitag, Senior Expert Facility Management, Daphne Manolakos, Member of the GIZ Staff Initiative MenstruAction, …

Femicide should be qualified as the most serious crime

The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue carried out the “Stop Femicide” campaign with support of the German Development Cooperation project “Support to social inclusion in Serbia”. The campaign included five panel discussions in the cities of

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GIZ Gender Award Ceremony 2024

GIZ Gender Award Ceremony 2024   Don’t miss – the GIZ Gender Award Ceremony 2024 on Friday, 8th March, 11:00 – 13:00 h CET Where: Bonn, GIZ Campus, Auditorium and online via livestream   We are honored to count on the

The Justice and Prison Reform for Promoting Human Rights and Preventing Corruption

Trade Facilitation in Central Asia

Transforming Natural Resources Conflicts through the Three Rs: A Gender-Centric Approach

Vivamos Nuestros Derechos

Safeguarding Housing, Land, and Property Rights of Syria Refugees and Internally Displaced People – HLP II

Self Financed Communities 4 Women Economic Empowerment, Financial Inclusion & Income Generation

Social Mapping boosts gender equality at local level


Strengthening youth and children participation in Climate change policy


Professionals of the Future Project: Competences for Green Economy

Promoting gender mainstreaming in government partners

Promotion de la Formation Professionnelle au Bénin (ProFoP)

ReNOKA programme

Lets Talk PERIOD

LGBTIQ+ Inclusion and Mainstreaming: “Do no harm, but do something!”

Machinery rings as self-help organizations for smallholder family farms in Kenya: a project of the Fund for Promotion of Innovation in Agriculture (i4Ag)

Mujeres comunitarias y recicladoras, son ahora la Fortaleza Circular

Men as champions to end violence against women and girls in Africa: The African Union Positive Masculinity Initiative

Mainstreaming Gender & Diversity in our Security Risk Management (SRM): A practical toolbox on diverse profiles for SRM


Mejorando la persecución penal y la resocialización en casos de violencia de género en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

On Behalf of the Participatory Integrated Land Use Planning (PILUP II) and Support to Responsible Agricultural Investment (S2RAI II)

Política de Prevención, Atención y Sanción del Acoso y Hostigamiento Sexual y por Razón de Género

Pioneering Gender Inclusive Urban Development
Application for the GIZ Gender Awards: C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF)

GIZ Botswana and SADC Women Economic Empowerment Project (IWEE)

Gestión integrada y transversal de género y diversidad en Centroamérica

Grant Agreement der GIZ Brasilien mit der University of Manchester für den Amazonienfonds der brasilianischen Entwicklungsbank BNDES


L’Ambassade d’Allemagne et la GIZ au Sénégal main dans la main pour lutter contre les VBG !

InsuResilience Center of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions

La experiencia de la Asociación Mujeres Rompiendo Barreras de Esmeraldas y las rutas de protección para la Mujeres en Ecuador

Fostering Gender Equality through Ikiganiro GBV Material Communication & Information material on sexualised and gender-based violence

Women’s Energy Fund – FEM

G500 Genderonboarding

Formation, Incubation and Acceleration of Youth Initiatives

Gender at the Heart of ARISE Plus Project

Gender sensitivity and representation in Digital Health

GESI (Gender Equity & Social Inclusion) Audit Tool

Gender, Diversity and Human Rights in the Energy and Urban Transformation Cluster (GIZ Brazil)

El Poder del Sello Empresa Segura en la lucha frente a la violencia contra las mujeres

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Changing Mindsets. A Catalyst for Gender Equality

Empowering women entrepreneurs for employment creation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Enabling women´s economic empowerment: An AI-and data-driven case study in Mexico

Empowerment through Feminist Solidarity

Challenging negative gender and social norms through gamification


Change the system, not the women!

DGG’s Gender Equality Checklist

COPOLAD III: Web-based training and Practical Guide on Gender
and Alternative Development

Croissance Qualitative pour l’Emploi (CQE)

Digital Innovation in Pandemic Control (DIPC)

Del acuerdo a la acción: reconstruyendo la biodiversidad desde la perspectiva de las mujeres.

Cultivating Safe Spaces and Creative Capacities for Women’s Entrepreneurship

De niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes LGBTIQ+ y sus familias

WomenEmpower Armenia Initiative

Agenda Provincial de Género y Cambio Climático de Cañar

Access to Justice for Women and Girls with Disabilities who are Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Arabia Felix Brand

Build Women’s Skills in Construction

Capacity Development Support to Governance II (CDSG II)

Gender Inclusivity Drive – GIZ Brazil 2024

Learning about and Operationalizing Intersectional and Gender-transformative approaches in GIZ practice

Mobilizing and capacitating the Faith Sector as a credible and effective stakeholder in addressing gender-based violence in South Africa

Joint Gender Transformative Approaches Working Group (GTA-WG)


Empowering Women Through Innovative Flower Waste Management

From gender approach to practice at GIZ Colombia

Tejiendo Innovación

Innovación social y tecnológica para la producción ycomercialización de sombreros y artesanías hechas con paja toquilla, a partir delempoderamiento de la mujer 45_Espanol_GG1_APLAK_Fondo de Innovación

The urban transformation is female!

Proyecto “Creo en mi”

Politique interne de protection: Contre le harcèlement sexuel au travail

Anti-sexual harassment in the workplace A practical guide for employers

Promoting gender diversity at GIZ Viet Nam

EmpowHER: ERADA’s Gender Equality Chronicles


Beit Byout: GIZ’s Gender Advocacy in Lebanese Communities

28_English_GG2_EMZ_Lebanon, Middle East_Gender Working Group

The Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility: Making Business easier for Women

27_English_GG2_APLAK_ICR Facility

Output 3 Sustainable Business development and output 4 Fostering employment & Employability


The Ecuadorian business sector is betting on the prevention of violence against women

Violence against women is, unfortunately, a reality for 7 out of 10 Ecuadorian women, and it is up to all of us to fight for change (INEC, 2019). The business sector needs to get involved too! The numbers speak for

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Le droit et l’influence des femmes : « pilier de l’autonomisation des réseaux PFNL » cas de la zone de Messamena

Beitrag der Grünen Innovationszentren in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft


Diversity Academy

12_Deutsch_GM_Mitarbeiteninitiativen_Diversity Academy

Promotion of Solar Water Pumps- Indo-German Energy Programme

11_English_GG1_APLAK_PSWP Module

Gender-Mainstreaming mit Fokus LGBTQI+

10_Deutsch_GM_EZM_Konferenz Queere EZ

Gender Equality in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

06_English_GG1_AFRICA_Maasai Mara

Fund for Regional Stabilization and Development within ECOWAS


Discover the new version of the Junt@s app, a digital tool to prevent violence against women!

In June 2023, CNT (The National Telecommunications Company) presented the new version of the Junt@s mobile application, available for free in the Play Store and Android Store. Designed with a friendlier and simpler interface, this app is an important ally

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Unidas Week 2023 – Foreign Minister Baerbock presents Unidas Award to Colombian Vice-President Márquez

During her visit to Latin America, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock honoured Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez with the Unidas Award for Women’s Rights and Democracy at the end of Unidas Week 2023, the most important annual network meeting of

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Madagascar Gender Month 2023

Madagascar Gender month 2023_Eng