Gender Award Ceremony 2022 – Short film

Get inspired by a short compilation of this year’s Gender Award Ceremony

The practical capacity development journey for agripreneurs ‘Gender makes Business Sense’ – 1st Prize in the GG2 category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Find out how Gender makes Buisness Sense and how the GIZ GmBS team empowers entrepenours all over the African Union!

Fit for School in the Phillipines – 1st Prize in the GG1 category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Learn about the importance of menstrual health and hygiene for gender equality and equal access to education!

Alliance for Integrity – 1st Prize in the GG1 category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Get an insight into how gender-sensitive corruption prevention and women’s economic empowerment reinforce each other!

Centre of Excellence for Gender-smart solutions- InsuResilience Global Partnership – 2nd Prize in the GG1 category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

It is time to re-think gender dimensions within the Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) Sector. The InsuResilience Centre of Excellence for Gender-smart Solutions provides the latest information on how to integrate gender-sensitive, -responsive and -transformative approaches within the climate risk finance framework.

Promoting gender equality through Women Parent Teacher Councils by the FATA Development Pogramme in the tribal areas of Pakistan – 3rd Prize in the GG1 category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Learn more about how to greatly further both gender equality and better education all in one project!

GIZ El Salvador/SICA Tejiendo la transformacion – 2nd Prize in the Gender Mainstraiming Category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Get an insight into how the Gender Committee in El Salvador/SICA has greatly furthered Gender topics in their office and inspired their colleagues!

GIZ Egypt promoting Gender Equality – 3rd Prize in the Gender Mainstraiming Category of the 2022 GIZ Gender Award

Get inspired by a holistic approach to Gender Equality!

Gender & COVID-19 – Gender Week 2021

Giving Women A Say in How to Manage and Adapt to the Situation

Empower Women – Empower Society: Land titles and usage rights
GIZ Land Program Laos

Transforming a challenge into an opportunity – participation, training, employment, cooperation
GIZ African Union Border Programme

Female Empowerment during COVID-19 in the Palestinian Territories
DOOZ, a partner of the GIZ Local Governance Reform Programm

Building Capacities

Empowering women on water governance at watershed level during the pandemic
GIZ Bolivia

Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in the Water Sector VTW during the pandemic
GIZ Jordan

Never be a bystander in the Shadow Pandemic – prevent GBV

Campagna de prevencion d VcM en tiempos de Covid-19 (Spanish)
GIZ Bolivia

Combat against GBV during the pandemic – domestic aggressors to be electronically monitored
GIZ Moldova

The effects of Covid-19 on GBV, GIZ Partnerships for Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls in Southern Africa (PfP)
GIZ South Africa

DOS PANDEMIAS: Tackling GBV during COVID-19 (Spanish with English subtitles)
GIZ LAC-Initiative / UNIDAS Network

Sextortion – another GBV-phenomenon that has increased during the pandemic

Sextortion – Three questions to Marco Pérez Ruiz, Gender Coordinator of the Alliance of Integrity
GIZ Alliance of Integrity

This is Sextortion. It is a crime.
IACC Young Journalists / International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC

Storytelling from the field

My Life During COVID-19 – Loy § Manika’s story in Cambodia
GIZ Cambodia

A Life During the Pandemic in Myanmar – a garment worker’s story
by GIZ Cambodia

Statements by:

  1. Godje Bialluch, Cluster Coordinator – EAC-GIZ
  2. Aichatou Tamba, Advisor – GIZ Support to the AU Border Programme (GIZ-AUBP)
  3. Evelyn Rutazaha, Advisor – Centre of Excellence for ICT in East Africa (CENIT@EA)
  4. Joyce Kimaro, Senior Advisor – Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa (IIDEA) & Intra-Regional Trade Facility (IRTF)

by East African Community – GIZ Programme

More Contributions to the Gender Week 2021

Video message from Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Member of the GIZ Management Board

Gender Award Winners 2020

Gender Equality in Mining – X4D (copyright: Highgrade Media); third place in the category “GG1” (project with an OECD-DAC gender marker “significant”)

Step it up for gender equality in South African media; winner in the category “GG2” (project with an OECD-DAC gender marker “principal”)

Promoting Geder Equality at GIZ Vietnam; second place in the category “Gender Mainstreaming within GIZ”