Sharing space: Gender in GIZ Lebanon’s project world

The highlight of the week will be a small conference (rather gathering style with some snacks) where some the project participants/beneficiaries will be invited to talk about their experiences. It will be a great opportunity for first-hand insights into the different projects and how they relate to gender! Date and Time: 6th of March 10-12am. For the event, we will produce posters that show the gender related work of every project that wants to participate in the event and to share their stories. At the beginning of the event, the GFP will present the poster in a marketplace style (the audience will move freely between the posters and ask questions). In a later discussion round, a project beneficiary will talk (again very informal, as little stress as possible involved) about the project. Lama Tarabey and Alena Mehlau will moderate the talk and they will welcome any questions you have during the discussion round.