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  1. Barbara Ölz says:

    Where will the Event take place?

  2. Andreas Baaden says:
    The News on the Gender Network Bonn in English

  3. This makes us all very proud! Its a pleasure and an honor to work for GIZ knowing it is very serious about gender equality . Commiting to engage and work specifically on issues related to Women’s Economic Empowerment, advocating for equality of opportunity and rights. Empowering women in business by closing the gender gap in wage distinctions is a big move in our day and age. In this day and age, this seems so basic, and is yet so required!

    The best news so far, this GIZ Gender Week! 🙂

    In Solidarity, Scherry
    Technical Expert – Gender and Cross Cutting Issues,
    GIZ India

  4. Julia Makokha says:

    Great work in addressing gender among communities.

  5. Julia says:

    I would like to open the live stream but I receive a server error

  6. Annabelle Metzner says:

    New BACKUP Health factsheet ‘Addressing sexual and reproductive health and HIV needs among key populations’

    The factsheet summarises the results of the past collaboration between BACKUP and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) on the ‘Shadows and Light’ project. The factsheet and the documentation of four related webinars can be accessed here:

  7. Julia Unger says:

    Is there any information available on the gender activities this year 2017?

  8. Anne Ramp says:

    Wird es auch eine virtuelle Möglichkeit der Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung geben? Oder beschränkt sich dies auf Umfragen während der Veranstaltung?
    VG, Anne Ramp

  9. Scherry Siganporia says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Very important information for us as GIZ Gender Focal Points. Also, this is a very good approach to be taken by DAC.

  10. anonymous says:

    Thank you for this great initiative! Is there some kind of agenda for the event as we plan to join it from Pakistan via livestream – at least for some time.

  11. anonymous says:

    Dear colleagues,

    Why are you no stereotype? Let’s contradict stereotypical gender associations and support GIZ Pakistan’s Women’s Day campaign #ImNoStereotype (#SDG5) today! ?

    Follow us now at

    GIZ Pakistan

  12. anonymous says:

    I just read about your interactive mapping tool which sounds really interesting. We are working with GIZ in the area of external audit and I am currently responsible in our organisation to better integrate gender equality.
    I tried to look at the tool but apparently one needs to be signed up to be able to access it. It would be great to get your help here.
    THanks in advance.
    Best regards
    Petra Schirnhofer

    • Vanessa Hochwald says:

      Hello, thank you for your interest. Please contact Sara Jabril as the person responsible for the tool. You can find her contact details in the Blog post.
      Best regards

  13. anonymous says:

    Hi there
    I just stumbled upon this announcement and would be interested to know more about negotiating and positioning myself as a woman. Would be great if such training could be repeated also involving the Aussenstruktur or if the slides could be shared.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards

  14. anonymous says:

    Today is a great day when read this. Your article is what im looking for so long. Thank you.

  15. anonymous says:

    Merveilleuses initiatives, les femmes africaines ont des talents de techniciens mais les normes sociales, les perceptions endogènes et les pratiques religieuses cachent en elles.
    Travaillons pour l’épanouissement professionnel des femmes.

  16. anonymous says:

    Am Bernard chirwa from Malawi the one who took part on music workshop at Dzenza primary school. This workshop was very nice I can’t forget

  17. anonymous says:

    This is great!
    Where can we purchase this book?
    I live in Australia.

  18. anonymous says:

    I would to share a short video on “Menstrual Hygiene during Pandemic”

  19. anonymous says:

    Have a look at Twitter – BMZ has tweeted this video on MH Day: