GIZ Gender-Slam: Gender Reloaded


Gender-Slam – Programm – ENGL (Eschborn, March 8, 11:00-13:00 am, Auditorium and live-streamed on the Intranet)

Please find the recording of the GIZ Gender Slam 2019 here (click for internal link – GIZ staff only).

Copyright: GIZ/Rajiv Raman

On 18 December 2018, the Management Board adopted the new GIZ Gender Strategy and its internal Operationalisation Guideline. Following the motto “Gender Reloaded: Vision needs Attitude – Attitude meets Action”, the departments and corporate units will provide us with insights into their vision and planned contributions to the implementation of the new gender strategy through short, catchy and innovative contributions. We will also take the opportunity and use the livestream broadcast to introduce the new Gender Pathfinder and the Gender Navigator. Afterwards we will have a snack and an informal exchange. Don’t miss!

GIZ Gender Commissioner, GIZ Gender Coordination Circle

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Name: Angela Langenkamp
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One comment on “GIZ Gender-Slam: Gender Reloaded
  1. anonymous says:

    Thank you for this great initiative! Is there some kind of agenda for the event as we plan to join it from Pakistan via livestream – at least for some time.