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Unraveling the Ties: How Violence Against Women Impacts Food Security in Ecuador

Violence against women (VAW), in most cases perpetrated by their (former) partners, leaves physical and psychological aftereffects on women and their families. These consequences range from physical and emotional ailments to economic costs for the assaulted women and their households.

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Discover the new version of the Junt@s app, a digital tool to prevent violence against women!

In June 2023, CNT (The National Telecommunications Company) presented the new version of the Junt@s mobile application, available for free in the Play Store and Android Store. Designed with a friendlier and simpler interface, this app is an important ally

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Its Women’s Turn, in the People’s Game by Frank Olukohe, S4DA Team Ghana/Kenya

  Habiba’s efforts to increase participation of girls in football and use sport to address socialchallenges in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya  Football, the world’s most popular sport, played by millions and followed by even more. Like their counterparts across the

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Informeller Fachaustausch: Wie funktioniert eine App zum Schutz von Frauen vor Gewalt?

Das GG2-Vorhaben “Prävention von Gewalt gegen Frauen und Mädchen im südlichen Afrika” hat nach zweijähriger Entwicklungszeit im Januar die App “Nokaneng” auf den Markt gebracht. Informationen, Unterstützung und Schutz von Frauen per App – aber wie genau funktioniert das? Und worauf  musste bei der Umsetzung

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Commemoration of International Women’s Day Café + Talk

Commemoration of International Women’s Day among all women in GIZ to reflect on the current state of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in Chile and around the world. Besides asking ourselves, what is the origin of this

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Training in Self-Defense Techniques

A long way to go for an equal society “I really enjoyed the self-defense training course organized by GIZ Ecuador on the occasion of the International Women´s Day and this year´s Gender Week. It helped me to acquire and try

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Zambia: Reaching the population with information on gender-based violence

  The competition entry ”Reaching the population with information on gender-based violence ” from GIZ Zambia can be downloaded here:

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Ecuador: ComVoMujer: Together We Are Responsible – Application of Smart Prevention

Context and Initiative In Ecuador, violence against women is a serious human rights issue which affects 6 out of 10 women (INEC, 2011), but also has impacts on society and public health. Its impunity and naturalization is deeply rooted in

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Egypt (Cairo) – Training of Trainers for Sexual Harassment Activities in Youth Centers

With the support of civil society organsiations, the Ministry of Youth and Sports organized a training of trainers on the topic of sexual harassment. The training aimed at providing the trainers the knowledge on the highly sensitive topic as well

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Finally companies have the opportunity to learn more about the prevention of violence against women!

One out of three women worldwide is suffering from gender-based violence. We are all responsible to fight and prevent these violations of human rights of women – including companies, as key institutions of our societies. Violence against women does not

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Online-Workshops für Unternehmen um Gewalt gegen Frauen vorzubeugen

Schätzungen zufolge hat jede dritte Frau weltweit bereits mindestens einmal in ihrem Leben geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt erfahren. Uns allen obliegt die Verantwortung dieser Menschenrechtsverletzung gegenüber Frauen die Stirn zu bieten und uns für die Prävention von Gewalt einzusetzen – dies schließt

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¡Ahora las empresas también se pueden capacitar en prevenir la violencia contra las mujeres!

Uno de cada tres mujeres en el mundo sufre de violencia de género. Todas y todos estamos responsables en combatir y prevenir esta violación de los derechos humanos de las mujeres, también las empresas como instituciones importantes en nuestras sociedades.

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El Salvador (San Salvador) – Gender Event – ¿When is a man a man?

Two external experts are invited to speak to GIZ staff about masculinity. José Manuel Ramirez, psychologist, will first give some insights on the concept itself and afterwards Guadalupe Portillo (UNFPA) talks about the linkages between masculinity and the violence caused

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Sri Lanka (Colombo) – Reality of Sri Lankan Women as Domestic Workers in the Middle East

The idea for this event is to discuss with the film director Nadya Perera the documentary `4th of February´. The 30 min. production is woven around the stories of three women who left Sri Lanka to work as domestic workers

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First of its Kind: Women Empowerment & Protection Policy for FATA (Pakistan)

Women living in FATA are facing multiple forms of discrimination in their daily lives and are often victims of the ongoing armed conflict. The area of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) is directly at the borderline to Afghanistan and belongs

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Publications catalogue: Combating violence against women in Latin America

Gender-specific violence against women is still very widespread in the Andean region and Paraguay. Estimates show that between 30 and 50% of women in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are subjected to physical violence by their partners (WHO 2010). The countries

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Egypt – empowering young women and sensitizing young men on sexual harassment through art

Egypt – Get an insight to the activities organized by the project “Civic Engagement and Political Participation”: they trained trainers on civic engagement and at the same time focused on empowering young women through WenDo and sensitizing young men on

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India (New Delhi) – Gender Meet: Gender Equality at the heart of development

GIZ India in close collaboration with UNWOMEN, will discuss the following topics : Gender at the heart of development : Gender at the heart of ‘German International Cooperation’ : Reference to new BMZ Gender Strategy/GIZ  Gender Strategy Empowering Women: Women’s

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