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Madagascar (Antananarivo) – Madagaskar ruft zur Genderstunde

Während der diesjährigen Genderwoche wurden in Madagaskar vom 4 bis 6 März die Gender-Kapazitäten der GIZ Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen gestärkt. Ziel der dreitägigen Fortbildung war die Auffrischung des Genderwissens der GIZ-BeraterInnen insbesondere in Bezug auf die GIZ-Genderstrategie. Die vorgestellten Werkzeuge

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Zambia (Lusaka) – Breakfast Meeting: Being a professional woman in GIZ Zambia

The Gender Working Group organized a breakfast meeting to commemorate the Gender Week and International Women’s Day by inviting staff members to discuss about being a professional woman in GIZ Zambia. To listen to women’s experiences, they had the opportunity

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Germany (Eschborn) – Gelebte GIZ Genderstrategie: Workshop für Gender-APs

Welche Herausforderungen gibt es beim Gender Mainstreaming in der GIZ? Was benötigen Gender-AP, um ihre Aufgaben erfolgreich umzusetzen? Welche Rolle spielen Unternehmenskultur, Führung, Kompetenz und Prozesse dabei? Die Stabsstelle Monitoring und Evaluierung führt in 2015 im Auftrag des Vorstands eine Unternehmensstrategische Evaluierung (USE) der GIZ

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Uzbekistan (Tashkent) – Webinar: How to Implement the GIZ Gender Strategy

The term webinar is short for web-based seminar, which is an online event – a conference, lecture, workshop or seminar – that is transmitted over the web. A webinar allows a speaker hosting the event to share PowerPoint presentations, videos,

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Germany (Bonn) – Webinar: How to work as a gender working group on country level? – Exchange of experiences and lessons learnt

In many countries the tasks and responsibilities of GIZ Gender Focal Points are shared within a team – the so-called gender working groups. The webinar is open to all gender focal persons of the Africa Department and provides an opportunity

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Kosovo (Pristina) – Get Together with Female Lawyers

Successful female lawyers are being invited to an informal get together to discuss on how to promote female lawyers. The meeting will be a gathering of prominent females who are active in practicing law in their country. During the meeting

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Philippines & Pacific Islands (Manila & Fiji) – Training on Gender & Climate Change

The training workshop will take place simultaneously in Manila and Fiji on 2nd of  March. The participants in both locations will interact/communicate via video conference. The training workshop is based on the “Pacific Gender and Climate Change toolkit”. Participants are

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El Salvador (San Salvador) – Gender Event – ¿When is a man a man?

Two external experts are invited to speak to GIZ staff about masculinity. José Manuel Ramirez, psychologist, will first give some insights on the concept itself and afterwards Guadalupe Portillo (UNFPA) talks about the linkages between masculinity and the violence caused

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Uzbekistan (Tashkent) – Training Related to Gender-Responsive Activities

Agenda: Overview of project and program results of gender responsive activities (e.g. posters, success stories, articles, fact sheets) Presentation of results of the quantitative study on gender views of GIZ staff in Uzbekistan Sharing of experiences: Gender analysis reports of UN,

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Uzbekistan (Tashkent) – Gender Equality: Sharing Experiences and Success Stories

Preparing and being prepared to share experiences and success stories: poster presentations, fact sheets, photographs, videos, etc.. These success stories provided by projects and programs will be collected and published either in GIZ Headquarters or locally in form of a

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Peru (Lima) – Training for Gender Focal Points

The Gender Group of the GIZ-Peru will realize a training workshop for gender focal points and advisors from Wednesday, 4th till Friday, 6th of March. The around 25 participants will mainly come from the GIZ-Peru, but also some colleagues from

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Zimbabwe (Harare) – Positive Masculinities and HIV Prevention

As part of the HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme, the HIV/AIDS mainstreaming officer at the GIZ Zimbabwe country office regularly organizes Staff Sensitization Talks, usually on the last Friday every month. To commemorate the International Women’s Day, the March Staff Talk will

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Rwanda (Kigali) – The Role of Men in Realizing Gender Equality

Awareness raising activities on the role of men in achieving gender equality as a follow-up of the  campaign “Proud of Her” initiated in 2014: Warm up questions Film/dokumentary projection Working in groups & discussing the following questions: According to CEDAW,

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