Rwanda (Kigali) – The Role of Men in Realizing Gender Equality

Awareness raising activities on the role of men in achieving gender equality as a follow-up of the  campaign “Proud of Her” initiated in 2014:

  • Warm up questions
  • Film/dokumentary projection
  • Working in groups & discussing the following questions:
    • According to CEDAW, which rights violations did you see in the film?
    • What was the role of men in the film?
    • What could men do to support the realization of gender equality?
  • Presentation of the key findings of the campaign, recommendations and testimonies:
    • What has been discussed and why did he participate?
    • What were the recommendations?
  • At the end: Distribution of CEDAW booklets

When? 10th of March 2015


The workshop raised awareness on women’s rights and how men can make a positive contribution to achieving equal rights for men and women in Rwanda. During the event, a documentary on women’s rights violations was shown. At the start of the event, only a handful of staff had ever read an International Convention on human rights. But by the end of it, everyone was aware of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and its content. Staff received copies of CEDAW (in English and Kinyarwanda) and used these to identify which rights were violated in the documentary that was shown.

Staff heard from the Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (a GIZ partner organization) how it engages men and boys for achieving gender equality. Male colleagues, in particular, appreciated learning about this approach, as it involves them as equal partners for equality, rather than treating them as the ‘bad guys’ or sidelining them.

GIZ Rwanda continues to promote gender equality, both for its employees and through its programmes.



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