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A new generation running up the stairs by Véronique Sprenger, Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA) Team Ethiopia

After a long work week, on Friday afternoon my friends and I decide to go to a café located right by Meskel Square. We live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a beautiful country known for its rich culture, delicious coffee, gorgeous

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Photo competition #Balanceforbetter

GIZ Nigeria organized a photo competition amongst it’s programmes to depict their understanding of the theme for International Womens’ Day 2019 #Balanceforbetter.GIZ Nigeria_Gender Week photo competition

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Movie and Staff Workshops on Gender Equality

On the 7th of March GIZ Sierra Leone celebrated International Womens Day by organizing a two hour event in each project location. Before the event a 5 minute movie was filmed including not only GIZ employees but also partners and

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#ImNoStereotype Twitter Campaign

GIZ Pakistan launches a twitter campaign to break gender stereotypes. All GIZ staff is invited to join us on twitter on Friday, 8th of March. Just write a sentence about how you break out of the stereotype and conclude with

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Womanomics – successfull female positioning in the job

Our first two events 2019 Speed Coaching – Female Finance “Language and Salary Negotiation” and the keynote event “Womanomics” took place in Eschborn with a sensational success! The registrations for our offered Speed Coaching – Female Finance “Language and Salary

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Resumen del Seminario “Juntas Crecemos con Energía, mujeres liderando la innovación con Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética”

Conversatorio_final Desde Chile compartimos un ejemplo de buena practica: Seminario “Juntas Crecemos con Energía, mujeres liderando la innovación con Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética”  Para difundir las posibilidades que las Energías Renovables y la Eficiencia Energética ofrecen a los emprendimientos

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Commemoration of International Women’s Day Café + Talk

Commemoration of International Women’s Day among all women in GIZ to reflect on the current state of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in Chile and around the world. Besides asking ourselves, what is the origin of this

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Enabling Equality and Economic Empowerment for all Women and Girls – A Thought Leadership Roundtable around Gender and Disability

For more information on the speakers, please see the flyer: Disability and Gender event during GIZ Gender week Description of the event:  One in five women globally live with disability, about 80% of them in the global south. In Zambia,

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Serbia (Belgrade) – Gender Equality World Café 2015

GIZ Serbia organized a Gender World Café 2015 in co-operation with the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of the Republic of Serbia (SIPRU). Current and future needs to improve emerging gender issues in Serbia have been discussed. The participants

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Indonesia (Timor Leste) – Understanding the Causes of Gender-Based Inequality in Indonesia (Video)

IMPRESSIONS OF THE EVENT: The short movie of the Gender Working Group GIZ Indonesia explains and illustrates causes, challenges and problems of gender-based inequality in Indonesia.  (with English subtitles) Kenapa ada ketidaksetaraan gender? / Understanding the Causes of Gender-Based Inequality

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Benin (Cotonou) – Celebration of International Women’s Day by the Programme for Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation (ProSEHA)

The dinner-discussion brought together local authorities in charge of water and health and partners of the Sectorial Programme for Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation (ProSEHA/GIZ). When? 6th of March 2015, 19h30 – 21h30 IMPRESSIONS OF THE EVENT: Highlights of the event

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Tunisia (Tunis) – Spreading the Word about Social Issues Related to Gender Equality

GIZ Tunisia’s gender working group takes the 2015 gender week as an opportunity to spread the word about social issues related to gender equality, such as the so called “gender pay gap”, “sharing domestic tasks”, “gender related violence in daily

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Nicaragua (Managua) – Murals Alluding to Gender (Concurso Murales)

En el marco del Día Internacional de la Mujer (8 de marzo) la GIZ celebra la Semana de Género (2 al 6 de marzo), en la cual se realizaran diversas actividades en conmemoración de esta fecha, una de las actividades

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Nicaragua (Managua) – Photo Competition on Gender (Concurso de Fotografías con sensibilidad de Género)

En el marco del Día Internacional de la Mujer (8 de marzo) la GIZ celebra la Semana de Género (2 al 6 de marzo), en la cual se realizará diversas actividades en conmemoración de esta fecha, una de las actividades

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Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) – Meet and Greet: Gender Triangle

The topic will be “Meet and Greet – Gender Triangle”. The event aims to exploit network effects by inviting various actors, who also invite actors implementing gender-related activities in Mongolia. It provides an opportunity to get to know each other

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Philippines & Pacific Islands (Makati City) – Daily Gender Struggle

Each day during gender week, a new message will be posted in each office to provoke discussion among colleagues about gender issues in our everyday lives. These messages could be short anecdotes, provocative questions or even an image of a

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Mozambique (Maputo) – Imagine Gender: Photo Contest on Gender Equality

The GIZ gender week will be the occasion to gain an overview of the integration of gender equality aspects into the programs of GIZ Mozambique and for awareness-raising: The gender focal points of each program will be asked to choose

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Laos (Vientiane) – Brainstorming Session on Gender-Related Issues

Every project is asked to conduct a brainstorming/discussion on at least one crucial gender related issue that affects or might affect the project and its activities and formulate concrete next steps on how to address the identified issue in 2015

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Tanzania (Dar-es-Salam) – Power Walk and Introduction to Gender

The gender group will conduct a power walk with new GIZ national and international staff. The idea is to raise awareness of structural differences between men and women in Tanzania. Afterwards, there will be a short time for reflection and a

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Malawi (Lilongwe) – Musical Workshop: Raise Your Voice for Gender Equality!

GIZ Malawi will commemorate the GIZ Gender Week with a musical workshop for young people provided in collaboration with Positivo. Under the banner ‘Raise your voice for gender equality’ (Working Title), the event will enable 30 young people (20 from

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Indonesia (Timor Leste) – “10 Things to Know about Gender in Indonesia”

IMPRESSIONS OF THE EVENT AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION: During the Gender Week 2015 the gender working group sent an E-mail to all GIZ employees in Indonesia and Timor Leste and inform about 10 relevant facts related to gender. We inform GIZ

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Peru (Lima) – Awareness Raising “If you were the Opposite Sex…”

The Gender Group of the GIZ-Peru is organizing an activity on the 6th of March, in order to raise awareness amongst the colleagues and visitors of the GIZ-Peru and its programs and projects, about the importance of making gender equality

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