Tanzania (Dar-es-Salam) – Power Walk and Introduction to Gender

The gender group will conduct a power walk with new GIZ national and international staff. The idea is to raise awareness of structural differences between men and women in Tanzania. Afterwards, there will be a short time for reflection and a power point presentation about the gender activities of GIZ Tanzania and the Africa department.

When? 5th of March 2014


The GIZ gender group in Tanzania facilitated a short power walk with over 35 new GIZ employees in the country. The objective was to raise awareness on the different chances for people from different backgrounds and especially on the different chances for men and women. During the powerwalk each participant received a different role like e.g. “young girl who has to take care of three younger siblings”.

Afterwards the group was asked different questions (Are/Were you in a position to attend secondary school?). People who could answer the question positively could step forward, others had to step backwards. At the end of the game the participants were distributed all over the room, but mostly male roles with good education and background made it to the very front of the room. After the game the participants reflected on their roles and their positions.



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