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“Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA)” brings together Chinese, German and Mongolian women entrepreneurs

In 2022, “Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA)” brings together Chinese, German and Mongolian women entrepreneurs for the second time.  Last year, the SRECA project, which is implemented by GIZ on behalf of the BMZ, initiated a triangular

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Girls and Career Day : TVET and general education students invited to discover internship and job opportunities in GIZ Côte d’Ivoire technical fields

As part of its gender strategy aiming to boost parity within its teams, GIZ Côte d’Ivoire held a Girls and Career Day on 29 March 2019. Eighty (80) female pupils and students, as well as guidance counsellors and Ivorian Ministry

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Women for the energy sector: let’s inspire our young generation!

Experienced Women are inspirational role models for young girls. Known as a male-dominated sector, the energy sector requires high skills, consistency and hard work. More women work in this sector for years now and gained many years of experiences. It’s

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Women and their environment across the ages

The German cooperation is celebrating women’s day with a day of discussions around the change women face due to a changing natural environment and changes in the legal situation of women in the past hundred years in Europa and in

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Resumen del Seminario “Juntas Crecemos con Energía, mujeres liderando la innovación con Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética”

Conversatorio_final Desde Chile compartimos un ejemplo de buena practica: Seminario “Juntas Crecemos con Energía, mujeres liderando la innovación con Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética”  Para difundir las posibilidades que las Energías Renovables y la Eficiencia Energética ofrecen a los emprendimientos

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Kick-off: IDA Community MAP & Employment

Kick-off: IDA Community MAP & Employment 6.3.2019, 14:00-15:30, CET   Finding work, but how? When an applicant has secured a job abroad, but their partner is unable to find employment, plans for a foreign assignment can begin to fall apart.

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Commemoration of International Women’s Day Café + Talk

Commemoration of International Women’s Day among all women in GIZ to reflect on the current state of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in Chile and around the world. Besides asking ourselves, what is the origin of this

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#RealGroundbreakers – Get involved in the social media challenge!

Dear Colleagues, We are not alone. IFAD invites all IFAD Partners to join the celebration of International Women’s Day 2019 showing solidarity with rural women, the #realgroundbreakers! The #RealGroundbreakers is a global campaign for the economic and social empowerment of

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Forum Table Discussion: Economic independence: testimonies from women entrepreneurs

Organisation of Forum Table discussion on Economic independence: testimonies from women entrepreneurs. Place: Municipality of Canton Muisne, Date: March 8 Time: 9h00 – 13h30 Organisers: Peace and Development and the Coalition for Gender Equality of Canton Muisne and ProCamBio II,

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Tanzanian women entrepreneurs bring powerfoods from Africa to Europe

Freshly prepared, dried, as powder or oil, as food supplements or cosmetics – Baobab and Moringa can be used to make a wide variety of products. So far, however, African plants can hardly be found in local and European shops because

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The way forward: dual training for young women in the hotel industry in Bolivia

Bringing together economic and development interests never has been more concrete and exciting. Within the ExperTS network and as part of a pilot project, a three-month training programme for the hotel industry was developed and implemented. The training was oriented

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Women can do anything! Crafts, entrepreneurship, local governance!

Women can do anything! Get active in the craft sector, build enterprises, construct communities. A dual apprenticeship system exists in Kpalimé, Togo. Yet, young women are largely underrepresented in classes. They lack role models who could inspire them to go

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Geld. Macht. Unabhängig. Money, Power, Independence.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 6:30 PM Schwarzkopf Stiftung Sophienstraße 28-29, 10178 Berlin, Mitte, Deutschland–1 Equal pay for equal work? Gender equality is claimed to be one of the EU’s founding values, written since 1957 in the Treaty of Rome.

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EmpowHERment! Economic empowerment of refugee women: Unleash potential – transform societies

Lama Ahmad © GIZ/C. Cannizzo (Berlin, March 11, 16:30 – 18:30 o’clock) Flight and displacement cannot just increase gender-specific risks for women, but also open up new room for maneuver: in fragile contexts, gender relations can be renegotiated and tasks

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Enabling Equality and Economic Empowerment for all Women and Girls – A Thought Leadership Roundtable around Gender and Disability

For more information on the speakers, please see the flyer: Disability and Gender event during GIZ Gender week Description of the event:  One in five women globally live with disability, about 80% of them in the global south. In Zambia,

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NEW World Bank Gender Strategy 2016-2023

The World Bank Group has released its new Gender Strategy for the years 2016 – 2023 “Gender Equality, Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth” By many measures, 2015 marks a watershed year in the international communitys efforts to advance gender equality.

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South Caucasus: Privatwirtschaftsentwicklung Südkaukasus: “Women Build Caucasus”

Women Build Caucasus“ im südkaukasischen Kontext „Women Build Caucasus“ ist ein Netzwerk von Architektinnen und Designerinnen im Südkaukasus. Ziel des Netzwerks ist die Vernetzung der Frauen, um eine gegenseitige Unterstützung zu befördern und ein Bewusstsein für ihr Arbeiten und Wirken,

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Africa Regional: Farmer Business School: rural women fit for business

Overview Cocoa is one of the main agricultural products and exports of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Cameroon. More than three million smallholdings produce 70% of world cocoa supply. Additional agricultural income is derived mainly from food production. The

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Yemen: Walking the talk in Yemen: The Gender Focal Points Group in Yemen: A living example for taking gender action under Business Continuity Management

Walking the talk in Yemen The Gender Focal Points Group in Yemen – A living example for taking gender action under Business Continuity Management The GIZ Yemen Gender Focal Points Group “walks the talk”: For more than 2 years of

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Nigeria: “Watanni Biyu mai Kashe Talauchi” (Hausa for: two months that kill poverty) – Pro-Poor Growth and Promotion Employment in Nigeria

According to the DFID Country Gender Report 2012, Nigeria has one of the lowest rates of female entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa. As micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are an important source of employment and income, especially in rural areas,

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Central America: Programa FACILIDAD: Fomento de la Economía y el Empleo en Centroamérica

Breve descripción del Programa FACILIDAD El objetivo del Programa FACILIDAD es mejorar la competitividad de las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas (MIPYME), así como las posibilidades de empleo en sectores seleccionados de Centroamérica, con énfasis en mujeres y en personas

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Sierra Leone: Gender Commitment of the Small Ruminant Value Chain

  The competition entry ”Gender Commitment of the Small Ruminant Value Chain” from GIZ Sierra Leone can be downloaded here:

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Burkina Faso: 1ère femme chauffeur de la coopération allemande au Burkina 

GIZ – Concours genre 2016 Expérience de Mlle Nakoulma 1ère femme chauffeur de la Coopération Allemande au Burkina !!! En réponse à l’appel de la Chancelière Allemande, Angela Merkel, lors de son discours à la réunion des dirigeantes et dirigeants

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Nepal: INCLUDE: Inclusive Development of the Economy Programme in Nepal

STRIVING TOWARDS GENDER EQUALITY & SOCIAL INCLUSION INCLUDE stands for the Inclusive Development of the Economy Programme in Nepal. It contributes to a socially balanced economic growth, by reaching out to poor and ultra-poor inhabitants, who are or could be

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Chile: Promoción de la autonomía económica de las mujeres en el sector minero en Chile

Glosario CEPAL: Comisión Económica (de las Naciones Unidas) para América Latina y el Caribe SERNAM: Servicio Nacional de la Mujer (Ministerio de la mujer y equidad de género de Chile) MinMinería: Ministerio de Minería de Chile SEREMI: Secretaría Regional Ministerial

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Yemen: No business as usual – strengthen Yemeni Business Women in times of war

CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE Since 2015, Yemen is in a full-blown armed conflict with men and women struggling to nourish themselves and their children. Due to the security situation the Private Sector Development Project (PSDP) is fully implemented in the Business

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Africa Regional: Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACI)

CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE In total 15.4 million people in SSA live directly from cotton production. Against this background, the Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACI) aims at enabling 680,000 small-scale farmers in twelve countries of SSA (Zambia/ Malawi/Mozambique/ Benin/Burkina Faso/Cameroon/Ivory Coast/Ethiopia/Ghana/Tanzania/

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South Africa: Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub (RIBH): Women’s Entrepreneurial Programme

  The competition entry ”Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub (RIBH): Women’s Entrepreneurial Programme” from GIZ South Africa can be downloaded here:

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India: Promoting Women’s Participation in e-waste recycling

  The competition entry ”Promoting Women’s Participation in e-waste recycling” from GIZ India can be downloaded here:

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Ghana: Female Professionals in Electronics – Boosting the number of women in technical professions

Context and Initiative Girls Vocational Training Institutes in Ghana typically offer education and training in female dominated trades only, such as catering, tailoring or cosmetology. The project instead promotes future female professionals in sales, installation and servicing of electronic appliances

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Bundesminister Dr. Gerd Müller unterstützt #HeForShe-Kampagne für die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter

Bildinformationen© Foto: Thomas Trutschel/photothek | Logo: UN Women Entwicklungsminister Müller hat sich zum diesjährigen Weltfrauentag 2015 der Kampagne #HeForShe angeschlossen. In seinem Beitrag schreibt Gerd Müller: “Die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter ist eine Frage der Gerechtigkeit für alle Menschen dieser Welt –

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Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Equality pays off. Even for companies.

Even though gender equality for all is a key human right, equality for women in the labour market is not yet a reality. Women still interrupt their careers more frequently than men and for longer periods. Many work only part

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Tunisia (Tunis) – Spreading the Word about Social Issues Related to Gender Equality

GIZ Tunisia’s gender working group takes the 2015 gender week as an opportunity to spread the word about social issues related to gender equality, such as the so called “gender pay gap”, “sharing domestic tasks”, “gender related violence in daily

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Promoting Financial Inclusion of Women in MENA

In the Middle East and North Africa region, only 13% of women have an account at a financial institution (World Bank Global Findex). The microfinance network of Arab countries, Sanabel, and the GIZ MFMR programme launched an award that encouraged

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Egypt (Cairo) – Where the National Employment Pact (NEP) stands on Gender and the Way Forward

The National Employment Pact (NEP), supported by the BMZ-financed GIZ Labour Market Access Programme (LMAP) is Egypt’s know-how platform for placing job seekers into fair blue collar jobs. After four successful years of offering employment solutions, LMAP is supporting the

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Laos (Vientiane) – Brown Bag Lunch: German Contributions to Gender-Responsive Financing

Presentation of gender based activities and results of the microfinance project. It is currently discussed if the cofinancing partner of the project (Australian Aid) will participate in the presentation, so it would become a German-Australian input. The Brown Bag Lunch

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Indonesia (Timor Leste) – Gender Equality: I go for it!

The core part of the event will consist of three panel discussions where GIZ’s commitment to gender in the field of climate change, governance and economic empowerment will be discussed. Here, we will focus on the experiences of GIZ managers

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South Africa (Johannesburg) – Roundtable on Women and Agricultural Finance

Unlocking funding and business opportunities for women throughout the agricultural value chain By bringing together gender, agriculture and financing experts, the roundtable discussion aims to unlock funding and business opportunities for women throughout the agricultural value chain. Through this initiative,

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India (New Delhi) – Gender Meet: Gender Equality at the heart of development

GIZ India in close collaboration with UNWOMEN, will discuss the following topics : Gender at the heart of development : Gender at the heart of ‘German International Cooperation’ : Reference to new BMZ Gender Strategy/GIZ  Gender Strategy Empowering Women: Women’s

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Germany (Eschborn) – Women‘s Empowerment Principles (WEP)

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and one of the principal drivers of sustainable development, and has proven economic benefits for private businesses: equality means business! This realisation has led to the voluntary principles to empower women in business,

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Germany (Berlin) – Financing the Future – Ansätze der deutschen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit zur geschlechtergerechten Entwicklungsfinanzierung

Wann? / When?  Dienstag 03. März 2015 / Tuesday 03 March 2015,  18-20h / 6-8 pm Ort? / Location?  GIZ-Sitz in Berlin (Foyer) / GIZ Representation in Berlin ( Foyer) Veranstaltungsprogramm / Program (auf Deutsch/in German): Invitation_to_the_event_Financing_the_Future_in_German Dies ist eine gemeinschaftliche

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