The way forward: dual training for young women in the hotel industry in Bolivia

Bringing together economic and development interests never has been more concrete and exciting. Within the ExperTS network and as part of a pilot project, a three-month training programme for the hotel industry was developed and implemented. The training was oriented on Germany’s dual training system. Accordingly, 50% of the course took place in the vocational training institute CEFIM and 50% in the participating hotels. The aim of the project was, on the one hand, to sensitize future employees in the hotel sector to customer service and to train them better in it, since the Bolivian tourism sector lacks customer-oriented services and Bolivia therefore has lower tourist figures than its neighbouring countries. On the other hand, the employability, self-confidence and independence of young women in Bolivia are to be promoted, partly because Bolivia has one of the highest rates of violence against women in Latin America. Through the close cooperation between the vocational training institute and the hotels, the dual training approach also contributes to aligning the knowledge and skills of the training graduates more concretely with the requirements of the labour market.

Results of the pilot project:

After three months of training, 65% of the graduates received a job offer from their training hotels. 35% started working in the hotel immediately after completing the course.

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