Benin (Cotonou) – Celebration of International Women’s Day by the Programme for Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation (ProSEHA)

The dinner-discussion brought together local authorities in charge of water and health and partners of the Sectorial Programme for Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation (ProSEHA/GIZ).

When? 6th of March 2015, 19h30 – 21h30


Highlights of the event are the following: 

  1. Presentation on gender equality and women’s rights. Main focus of the presentation was the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ and a gender-based approach to daily working Tasks
  2. Screening of the film L’égalité des sexes au Bénin : « Sens inverse »  by the Decentralization Programme in Benin (PDDC/GIZ). Watching the film with supplementary commentary by the gender specialist of ProSEHA allowed the participants to develop a good understanding of the socio-cultural problems which are negatively affecting gender equality in Benin.


After the discussion the partners committed themselves to taking a gender-based approach to their projects and programmes for water, hygiene, and sanitation.








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