Sri Lanka (Colombo) – Reality of Sri Lankan Women as Domestic Workers in the Middle East

The idea for this event is to discuss with the film director Nadya Perera the documentary `4th of February´. The 30 min. production is woven around the stories of three women who left Sri Lanka to work as domestic workers in the Middle East – Rizana Nafeek, the young Sri Lankan housemaid charged with killing an infant in her care and beheaded in Riyadh, The runaway maid who ended-up a victim of sex trafficking, now living with HIV and the mother of four – desperate to find employment abroad – who finds herself trapped by the very regulations the State has introduced to ‘safeguard’ families of migrants.                  

The movie examines the complex realities and perceptions surrounding Sri Lanka’s largest group of foreign exchange earners.

When? 10th of  March, from 1.00pm. to 2.30pm



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