Finally companies have the opportunity to learn more about the prevention of violence against women!

One out of three women worldwide is suffering from gender-based violence. We are all responsible to fight and prevent these violations of human rights of women – including companies, as key institutions of our societies. Violence against women does not only affect the women themselves and society as a whole, but also businesses, as employees (victims, aggressors, witnesses) show declining work performance due to violence against women.

In Germany the annual costs caused by violence against women are estimated to be around 14 billion Euros including the costs for businesses. In Great Britain it is estimated that companies lose around £ 2.7 billion each year due to this cause. A recently published study about the effects of violence against women in Peru also reveals that companies in Peru lose around USD 6.7 billion annually.[1]

In order to support businesses in the prevention of violence against women, the regional program ComVoMujer in cooperation with Induction One, a company specialized in innovative training methods, created the “Online Certification Program Safe Businesses: Leader in Zero-Tolerance towards Violence against Women”.

With this program the participants learn in an easy and fast way about gender relations, the characteristics and manifestations of violence against women and its negative consequences for the women, their families, society and especially for businesses. The course system is easy to handle and at the end of each course the employees as well as the companies receive their certification.

The certification and the capacitation concerning violence against women is not just a support for companies as they improve their working climate, their personnel’s loyalty and also their cooperative image. Also every individual taking part in the course will increase his or her knowledge about the topic and thereby adopt new perspectives and attitudes towards this human rights violation.

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[1] Terre de Femmes, Wissenschaftliche Studie zur Evaluation der Implementierung des Workplace Policy Konzeptes in Berlin, Berlin 2010, available here:

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