“What makes a true leader? Does gender matter?”. This question is often raised in every discussion whenever we talk about leadership. In order to find the answer, it would be better to hear the voice of insiders.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a photobook and video have been launched to feature the portraits of female leaders in GIZ Vietnam. Both are based on interviews with 15 female leaders who are taking different positions in the organization. These female leaders share their experiences, achievements, challenges as well as opinions on true leadership, gender equality and lessons learnt from their personal leadership journey. This activity represents the first part of a bigger project and will be completed by male leadership stories, so that we will have an overall picture about leadership in GIZ Viet Nam.

As interviewers, we were inspired by strength and perseverance of female leaders in the organization. Please have a look, enjoy and reflect on your own opinion.

Let’s make our organization become a place where leadership has no gender!

See the Photobook “Portraits of Female Leaders in GIZ Vietnam”

GIZ Vietnam’s Gender Circle

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