#womenmobilize – Showing diversity in the mobility sector

Mobility is a fundamental part of urban life. As long as we live in cities, people and goods will need to move from A to B for various reasons. In the past, cities have been designed for car use so that, for instance, commuters would conveniently reach their place of employment. Yet this focus on individualised motorised transport contributes to global warming, health impacts for citizens, inequitable usage of space and discrimination. As a result, it is essential to rethink urban transport planning to ensure a climate-friendly and just transition – for example by listening to the needs and supporting the ideas of women.

For decades, decision-making and transport-planning was done almost exclusively by men. Due to lack of data collection and personal experiences, the able-bodied male perspective struggled to take into account the challenges that women, children or vulnerable citizens face in their daily mobility.

For example, women typically travel shorter distances during off-peak hours. Trip-chaining and mobility of care shape women’s mobility, which is often restricted due to the risk of sexual harassment and other forms of violence both on the street and on public transport.

Historically, urban and transport planners have failed to take these aspects into consideration. Yet a diverse workforce including various perspectives is essential to develop and implement gender-responsive mobility systems.

Therefore, the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) is launching its third volume of “Remarkable Women in Transport” on 8th March 2021! Be excited to read about 20 inspiring women who shape the transportation sector worldwide – from developing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Nigeria to promoting soft mobility in China, these women bring in valuable perspectives benefitting all users.

To keep up the spirit beyond 8th March, Women Mobilize Women is turning International Women’s Day into International Women’s Month! Follow TUMI and Women Mobilize Women on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for more information about women and mobility, throughout the month of March and beyond. Join us and help to raise awareness for this important topic!


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