DUFUNA-FEM Code Camp: Software development training programme preparing female students for tech careers in Nigeria

There are many obstacles for women who want to build tech careers in Nigeria. However, programmes particularly focusing on female trainees encourage women who might otherwise not have considered joining. It is also noticeable that employers are particularly keen on having more diversity in their teams. For that reason, bridging the gender gap in tech-industry and at the same time making a positive contribution to the gender gap in pay, was the major motivation behind this project.

During the three-month course, that took place between October and December 2018, female graduates were trained in software programming. At the same time, the talents were matched with companies.

Results of the project:

Out of the 50 female students that have started in Lagos and Ibadan, 31 students (almost two thirds) completed the full three-month programme and graduated. However, the biggest achievement of the Dufuna-Fem Code Camp was that all graduates were successfully matched as interns or even as junior management positions in companies.

The project has been implemented by the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (DGIC) in Nigeria with support of the integrated expert Lotte Goos, financed by the ExperTS-Programme. To implement this project, the New Economy & Startups Desk of DGIC partnered with the Nigerian software and training company Cotta & Cush Limited and with CodeLagos, which is an initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

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https://vimeo.com/304798196 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZp5rGiD9Wg&app=desktop



Further information on the ExperTS programme: www.bmz.de/experts


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