“Be a real man” and stand up for gender justice – an OECD Development Centre and GIZ joint event addressing masculine norms

“Be a real man”

Masculine norms governing our lives and relationships
– at home, at the conference table and on the battlefield –

and stand up for gender justice

While more and more men and boys engage in promoting gender justice and equal rights and opportunities, they face opposition and resistance by people believing in and calling for real men to govern. The issue thus becomes, how can unequal gender power dynamics, which are built on codified relations between men and women and on what it means to “be a ‘real’ man’, be overcome to pave the way for a just, inclusive and more peaceful future.

Join us in our virtual workshop on the 26. April 2023, 11 am – 2 pm CEST

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Opening remarks by Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven (Managing Director of GIZ)

Moderated Discussion by Bathylle Missika (Head of the Networks, Partnerships and Gender Division at the OECD Development Centre) with:

  • Ouriatou Danfakha (Senior Policy Officer in the Bureau of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission)
  • Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen (OECD Deputy Secretary-General & OECD Gender & Diversity Champion)
  • Julio Langa (Co-founder and former national coordinator of HOPEM (Men for Change Network) in Mozambique and co-chair of MenEngage Africa)
  • Edgar Bernardo (National coordinator of HOPEM in Mozambique)
  • Janepher Taaka (GIZ Technical Advisor for Gender Equality with Uganda’s Governance and Civil Society Support Programme)

Parallel deep dives based on short inputs, followed by an exchange and discussions within the following breakout group:

  • GIZ Lesotho: Multi-stakeholder initiative on Engaging Men and Boys in the prevention of VAWG in Lesotho
  • GIZ Viet Nam: Reshaping gender discourse by promoting core values of Equality, Love and Freedom of Choice
  • Mexican Department of Human Rights, Gender Equality and International Affairs of the Federal Judiciary Council: Consejo de la Judicatura Federal, Mexico
  • OECD Development Centre: How to measure progress towards gender-equitable masculine norms
  • GIZ Uganda: Engaging Men and Boys for Inclusive Governance and Gender Justice in Uganda
  • InsuResilience Centre of Excellence for Gender-smart Solutions: Gender and Disaster Risk – What’s men got to do with it?
  • African Union (AU): High-Level Presidential Initiative on Positive Masculinity in Leadership to End Violence Against Women and Girls in Africa 
  • Men For Change Network (HOPEM) Mozambique: Dismantling patriarchal masculinities in African contexts: lessons from Mozambique

Together, we want to build bridges and join forces in addressing and reshaping
masculine norms for gender justice and a future worth living around the world.


Concept Note and speakers profiles: 20230417_Event Masculine Norms – Concept note, speakers

Working groups teaser: 20230425_Event Masculine Norms – Working groups teaser

Invitation (PDF): 20230426_Event Masculine Norms – Invitation

Invitation (Flyer): Mark your calendars_OECD DEV_GiZ event_26 April 2023

Contact: angela.langenkamp@giz.de (GIZ Gender Commissioner)


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