New Gender Data Portal Launch, Plus Little Data Book on Gender 2016

The World Bank   Group has just launched a new gender data portal that brings together sex-disaggregated and   gender-relevant data on topics ranging from education, demographics, and   health, to jobs, asset ownership, and political participation. The country and topic dashboards give an overview of the distribution and trends in data   across important themes. 

The new gender equality strategy aims to focus on improving human endowments through   better access to health, education, and social protection; opening up more   and better jobs by tackling issues such as skills gaps and care arrangements;   expanding women’s access to and control over assets; and enhancing women’s   voice and agency, meaning their ability to make themselves heard and exert   control over key aspects of their own lives. 

In keeping with   this theme, the Little Data Book on Gender has just released the 2016 edition   as a quick reference for users interested in gender statistics. The book   presents sex-disaggregated data for more than 200 economies in an easy   country-by-country reference on education, health, economic structure,   political participation, access to resources, public life and decision   making. The book’s summary pages cover regional and income group aggregates.

For more, see   the Gender Data Portal and the blog, the Little Data Book on Gender product page, and the blog, Four charts on gender gaps we need to close

Posted in Year 2016