Innovation and Technology in Bangladesh for Gender Equality

On 14 March 2023, GIZ Bangladesh came together to commemorate International Women’s Day and Gender Month. The event focused on digitalisation, technology and innovation and its potential for enhancing gender equality and digital and economic empowerment.


Ms. Nina Clausing, Acting Country Director, GIZ Bangladesh, set the tone of the event with a welcome note highlighting the history of women’s day, and the long journey for achieving gender parity that continues to this day, especially in a country like Bangladesh.


The pandemic sped up digital transformation around the world, creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs who combined the service industry with digital solutions. One such organisation is ‘Romoni’, which has created a digital platform for freelance beauty industry workers to provide home-based services. Ms. Sharha Shahneela, Head of Marketing, and Ms. Ealham Binte Ali, Head of Operations, Romoni attended the event and shared how their organisation evolved, and how they intend to utilise this platform further for creating dignified employment, capacity development and economic empowerment for women.

Ms. Marufa Haque made a presentation on “Innovation and Technology in Bangladesh for Gender Equality”, which also included the initiatives various GIZ Bangladesh projects are taking in combining digitalization and gender inclusivity. This was followed by an interactive session led by Ms. Farah Maysun Khan, where colleagues shared their understanding of various topics including gender, sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination among others. This triggered a dialogue among the colleagues regarding the various interpretations of these important subjects, which we often shy away from discussing openly.

The event ended with a roleplay from Mr. Sandwip Mondol, and Ms. Nabila Tarannum Khan, who portrayed how the benefits of digitalisation will not reach all and may even be manipulated negatively if digital capacity and expertise of women is not adequately developed. What followed was a thank you speech by Ms. Farah Maysun Khan, Chairperson, GIZ Bangladesh Gender Working Group.

Ms. Redita Rokib, and Ms. Nabila Tarannum Khan moderated the event.


Written by Ananya Rubayat

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