South Africa: Step It Up for Gender Equality in South African Media

Gender Competition 2020 – GG2 – 1st Place


Gender-based violence (GBV) remains one of the biggest obstacles to development in South Africa, with rape, domestic violence and intimate-partner violence particularly prevalent: one in five women over the age of 18 has experienced physical violence at least once in her lifetime, an average of 100 rapes are recorded daily and the rate of femicide in South Africa is four times that of the global average. Media and the creative industries play a key role in portraying and shaping gender norms and stereotypes. Against this background the Partnerships for Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls in Southern Africa Programme (PfP) on behalf of the BMZ and UN Women jointly started the ‘Step it Up for Gender Equality in South African Media’ project. The project’s main aim is to facilitate behavioral change of key media organizations and practitioners.



Research to inform activities and capacity building interventions, sector wide dialogues and a close collaboration network are key quality and success factors of the project. The project also benefitted from insights and advice of the MaLisa Foundation, which works on similar topics in the German media space. The research ‘Gender, Diversity and GBV in South African Television’ was publicly launched at a Mail and Guardian Critical Thinking Forum in May 2019, presented and discussed at the Durban International Film Festival in June 2019, the GCIS ‘Women in Media’ dialogue, the Africa Radio Days Conference and the sector-wide “Step it up for Gender Equality in South African” Media Conference in August 2019 organized by the project. Impressions from the conference were widely broadcasted.


To secure ownership and sustainability an advisory group was set up to inform, shape and guide the project’s activities and interventions including the formulation and implementation of a voluntary ‘Statement of Commitment’ to be signed by media organizations and companies. The advisory group brings together key stakeholders such as the Government Departments for Communication and Information Systems (GCIS), for Sports, Arts and Culture and for Communication, NGOs such as Gender Links, Sonke Gender Justice, Soul City Institute and Sisters Working In Film and Television (SWIFT), industry bodies such as the South African National Editors Forum, the South African Guild of Actors, the Writers’ Guild of South Africa and the Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Commission, and broadcasters such as the public South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the private channels Moja Love, MultiChoice and Kaya FM.  

Luxolo Matomela/ Maximillian Vogt
Partnerships for Prevention of Violence
against Women and Girls in Southern Africa


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