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Indonesia has ratified the major international conventions that uphold principles of gender equality and empowerment of women. Nevertheless, there is a wide gap between the content of the Indonesian laws and their applications. The Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace has recorded a total of 154 religion-based gender biased regulations in 76 regencies and cities across the country, including some that restrict women’s control over their own bodies. This negative trend is also visible with the view to the Global Gender Gap Index. Over the last ten years, Indonesia slipped from rank 68 down to rank 88.

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Gender – a quality feature of our work

In line with the GIZ Gender Strategy and corporate values the GIZ Country Director together with the Directors of Administration, Finance and Human Resources takes a highly visible approach to promote gender equality within GIZ and the cooperation with its partners at policy and project level. A full time gender focal person, appointed at country level, is provided with the necessary resources, involved in key processes and capacitated to coordinate the GIZ Gender Working Group (GWG) Indonesia, Timor-Leste and ASEAN. The GWG established in 2013 engages in sensitization, capacity development and knowledge management.

The flagship of the GWG is the “Communicating Gender Award” and events within the GIZ Gender Week. These events offer space for a high-quality exchange on gender as well as excellent networking opportunities with other organizations. In 2017, the GWG developed a Training Campaign: “Fit for Gender Mainstreaming”, which conveys a comprehensive understanding of the the GIZ Gender Strategy and its role within the structure of GIZ, the concept of Gender and of guidelines, knowledge platforms and instruments for gender mainstreaming in the project cycle.

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Gender is an integrated component of the introductory course for all new employees; in 2017, 35 GIZ staff members attended the “Fit for Gender Mainstreaming” training; gender issues were tackled in the Communicators Training, conducted by AIZ; the Gender Focal Point conducted a specific training on Gender and Communication for the communications officers in the projects; the active participation of the GWG in the development of a new strategy for national personnel (NP) development secured the availability of sex-disaggregated data and anchoring of the implementation of the Gender Strategy as an objective in the Human Resources Guidelines for National Personnel in Indonesia.

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