Communicating Gender Award 2017 – Indonesia, Timor-Leste and ASEAN

The GIZ Communicating Gender Award 2017 took place to appreciate the hard work put in by projects in gender mainstreaming. On Thursday, 9 March 2017, more than 55 participants followed the Invitation of the GIZ Gender Working Group Indonesia, Timor-Leste and ASEAN to join the GIZ Indonesia Gender Event 2017.

The contest helps to reinforce gender equality as an element of the corporate culture and facilitates spillover of values onto partners and communities engaged. Furthermore, ‘Communicating Gender’ aims to reward outstanding commitments in the promotion of gender equality, encourage knowledge transfer by drawing attention to good practices, and motivate teams to implement the GIZ gender strategy.

The candidates evaluated by an impartial jury consisting of in-house and external experts taking into consideration to four criteria, such as: promoting gender equality (45%), impact and sustainability (30%), Gender and results based monitoring (15%), and gender as a quality feature of our work and Cooperation (10%).

Six proposals were submitted and four won one of the GIZ Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN “Communicating Gender” prizes in 2017.

Category GG1:

1. Place: Peace and Youth Promotion Project | Project name: Peace Fund Timor-Leste

2. Place: Fostering Women in Science and Technology through Collaboration with the Private Sector | Project name: Sustainable Economic Development through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SED-TVET)

3. Place: Gender Mainstreaming in the Indonesian Forestry Sector | Project name: Forest and Climate Protection (FORCLIME)

4. Place: The Role of Social Media in Gender Mainstreaming for Climate and Policy Making: Urban Transportation in Semarang City | Project name: Environment and Climate Change

5. Place: Empowering women in the quest for universal energy access for all | Project name: Energizing Development (EnDev) Indonesia

Category GG0:

1. Place: Encouraging women in a ‘masculine’ world | Biodiversity and Climate Change (BIOCLIME)


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