Gender Month Events of the Regional Programmes E4D and WE4D


Events organised by the ‘Employment and Skills for Development in Africa (E4D)’ and the ‘Employment promotion for women for the green transformation in Africa (WE4D)’ programmes


Together with the programmes‘ regional partners in sub-Saharan Africa, E4D and WE4D host several events during the Gender Month to raise public awareness on gender equality and to celebrate women’s achievements in the corporate world. Both programmes aim at improving the employment and economic situation of women and men. With its main focus on women and green economic transition, the new WE4D programme (GG2 marker) will intensify dialogues and events with its partners in order to address socio-economic barriers for women accessing labour markets and developing their businesses in green sectors.

Further information about the upcoming events can be found in the leaflet (click on it to enlarge it) or via this link: E4D Gender Month