The WEE Initiative of FMB

When: Tuesday 8th of Märch 2022 11:00-12:30 CET

Where: MS Teams

GIZ’s FMB launched the Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Initiative:

  1. To improve low-threshold availablity (access, framework conditions) for gender-sensitive orientation of WEE programmes;
  2. To make available to secroral planners cutting-edge methodology and approaches for WEE implementation adapted for GIZ projects.

To this end, gender-transformative approaches in agriculture- and fisheries-based value chains are tested, assessed and promoted to ensure that:

– Capacities and methodology for Gender Action Learning (GAL) in the FMB and GV Green Innovation Centres are built up; and
– Tools and methodology for demonstrable WEE in (fisheries) VCs, e.g. to effectively measure impact of WEE project activities are available for application in FMB  and (external structure).

This event shares the results of both components of the WEE initiative made so far. After introducing the WEE concept,  GAL is presented with project experiences from Burkina Faso, followed by the ex-post assessment of the Fish for Nutrition Project, Kismayo for the WEE in fisheries/aquaculture VCs  component.

The session allows for an in-depth exchange, questions and discussions.