Work-life Balance during Covid-19 pandemic – Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all dimensions of work-life balance. It has certainly brought forward implications for gender in such a context, which we may live and experience in long time.

In this regard GIZ Gender Group with Corporate and Social Handprint group, has launched a survey to get feedback from our colleagues in GIZ Kosovo on how they are experiencing the effects of the pandemic, especially in terms of gender equality perspective.

The benefits of the survey will be three-fold:
1) raising awareness of issues related to work-life balance  that may be affecting the staff of GIZ Kosovo
2) encouraging staff to be more proactive in dealing with issues related to work-life balance
3) drawing recommendations to GIZ Kosovo to help its staff maintain their good health and performance.

On March 9, 2021, the findings from the survey including the recommendations of the potential actions to help deal with this situation, will be presented to all GIZ staff and our Country Director.