Webinar: Gender Lens Investing

Gender equality has been gaining increasing attention in the global community in recent years with an abundance of research highlighting the attractive return on investing in women, positively impacting business, politics, communities, families and reducing poverty. The resulting economic cost of gender inequality is significant: it is estimated that closing the gender gap would contribute US$12-28 trillion to global GDP, a 26% increase in global economic output. Addressing gender inequality has been a critical strategic pillar of governments, development agencies and more recently, impact investors as a means to reduce poverty.

While much investment capital has flowed to regions throughout the globe, Latin America has been overlooked. Considered a region with predominantly middle-income countries, impact investors have directed their attention elsewhere. However, the rationale for investing for impact and for women in Latin America is compelling.

This webinar aims at outlining the concept of gender lens or gender smart investing, whilst allowing the audience to take a deep-dive into the regional experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean. In a next step, experts on the intersection of gender and finance will discuss the needs and potentials of gender smart investing in the WASH sector. The importance gender equality to achieve SDG 6 will be at the center of the panel discussion.

Agenda: Gender Lens Investing