Women and their environment across the ages

The German cooperation is celebrating women’s day with a day of discussions around the change women face due to a changing natural environment and changes in the legal situation of women in the past hundred years in Europa and in Africa. University students will raise the question on why and what we are celebrating every year on Women’s day, panelists will discuss the effects of climate change on women and their responses to it and a poster exhibition will show how the right to vote for women has been visualized and discussed in Germany.

DAAD prepared theatre pieces with students from Yaoundé 1 (in German), KAS in cooperation with GIZ is providing room for discussion with a round table (in French and English) and the German embassy in cooperation with FES is showcasing a poster exhibition (French, English and German).

The event is co-organized by the German Embassy Yaoundé, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, DAAD e.V. Kamerun and GIZ

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