Women Mobilize Women: Transforming Mobility through Female Empowerment


As part of this year’s International Transport Forum Summit 2018 on Transport Safety & Security, the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative is organizing the first “Women Mobilize Women” Conference to transform mobility through female empowerment on May 22, 2018!

» When men plan transport, transport is planned for men. «

Through the first conference on Women in Transport, TUMI is kick-starting a debate on the role and potential of women in the transport sector. To do so, TUMI actively involves female change makers from all over the world and lets them raise their voice: all speakers and at least two-thirds of participants will be women!

The conference will focus on challenges and success stories of female empowerment in the transport sector – how Women Mobilize Women. Because increasing gender equality in a typically male dominated sector improves not only working conditions but also outcomes – in this case: sustainable mobility for all.

The first Women Mobilize Women-Conference aims at connecting female transport leaders and experts from around the globe (with a particular focus on the Global South). It will foster knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions on female empowerment focused on the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions on the ground – by women, for women.

Inspirational talks on female empowerment in the transport sector and background stories on female experiences specifically in developing and emerging economies will provide the basis for in-depth discussions on how women can achieve sustainable mobility for all.

Download the Outline and Agenda here: 2018_EN_Agenda_Conference_Women_Mobilize_Women

Become Part of the Movement: Are you a transport woman expert who mobilizes or are you interested to join us in mobilizing women in transport? Register here: SIGN UP

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