IMRI Roundtable meeting

In every year, GIZ celebrates the GIZ Gender Week in March to highlight the central role gender equality plays in sustainable development. GIZ supports the attainment of equal rights, duties and opportunities for women and men is an explicit goal, a formal overarching principle and a quality feature of German and international development cooperation.

In the scope of GIZ Gender week 2018, I will invite my IMRI team members the gender roundtable at 4pm on Monday, March 12, 2018 in IMRI meeting room. Please kindly find its small agenda as below:

16:00-16:05     Welcome and icebreaker

16:05-16:35     Presentation by Oyuna, IMRI GF 

  • What is gender equality?
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Global gender trends and GIZ gender strategy
  • Gender mainstreaming in Mongolia
  • GIZ Mongolia gender strategy and activities
  • GIZ IMRI Gender Action Plan
  • Q&A

 16:35 – 17:00  Open discussion and suggestions on IMRI Gender Action Plan


In the scope of the GIZ Gender week 2018, project IMRI’s Gender Focal Point Ms. Oyun-Erdene has presented about Gender mainstreaming on 12th of March. The presentation included the basic knowledge of gender equality, gender stereotypes, GIZ gender strategy, activities and GIZ IMRI gender action plan. After the presentation we have discussed about what kind of actions and events we can organize relating to gender mainstreaming.

IMRI team has suggested below ideas:

  • Frequently organize gender-mainstreaming events including workers and their family members between 2 or 3 projects,
  • Give information about current activities by GIZ newspaper because not everyone reads the information by their emails. A few years ago gender mainstreaming had a little corner of GIZ newspaper it was a good way to get information about GIZ gender activities,
  • After discussion IMRI team members were very satisfied with the Gender round-table discussion and recommended to organize this kind of discussion and meeting at least every quarter.