Daily newsfeeds and gender brown bag lunch: Gender week Vietnam 2017

Event Documentation:

During the Gender Week Vietnam , 4 colleagues in GIZ Vietnam sent out daily briefings on different topics: GIZ gender strategy, gender-based violence, the Convention on Eliminating Discrimination Against Women and discrimination against women at work.

At the end of the week, on the 17th, a brown bag lunch  was organized and 38 colleagues participated. The session which took place in the country office started off with a short video clip showing 2 colleagues from the Forestry and Biodiversity project and Integrated Costal Management Program who shared their reflection on and experiences in working  gender topics. Afterwards, the participants of the BBL discussed the question why the GIZ wants gender equality. It was raised that often the term “gender equality”is understood as “the same”, it is necessary sometimes to clarify that “gender equality” means equal opportunities, equal rights and equal voice – in the form of “real” equality. Without gender equality, it was argued, we are missing to unlock potentials of both men and women. It was mentioned that gender equality is the matter of human right, which is universal and entails state responsibilities.

The participants also received short presentations on those existing international commitments on gender equality that are relevant for the context of German development assistance in Vietnam, namely the Agenda 2030, G7 Germany 2015, G20 China and Third International Conference on Financing for Development.…

The presentation then addressed the question of how to integrate gender in policy documents. The key message was that  efforts to integrate gender should take place throughout the policy cycle, starting from issues articulation to formulating expected outcomes and policy options, and continuing along the policy cycle. The participants also related these insights to the similar task of project designing and argued that once the project design is drafted, gender integration at this stage is basically too late.

Another question on gender integrating in capacity building was also addressed with contribution of all participants. It became obvious that gender equality in capacity building is not just about the number of women participating in the training.

Finally, the Brown Bag Lunch session ended with a gender quiz in which the participants had to pair questions and answers regarding SGD and gender, CEDAW principles, gender and climate change, and other general facts and figures about gender equality situation in Vietnam

For further questions please contact Nguyen Thi Hong Ha: ha.nguyen2@giz.de.


When: 13 – 17 march 2017

Where:  Country Office, GIZ Vietnam

With: Nguyen Thi Hong Ha