Pakistan: Gender Realization and Gender Mainstreaming in the Local Councils Association of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Local Councils Association of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (LCA-KP) province in Pakistan is the representative body of the elected councils and councillors across the province. The main function of the association is to represent the collective voice of the councillors to the government, support and strengthen local governance at the grassroots level.
The LCA-KP is the partner of the GIZ Support to Local Governance Program (LoGo), result area State-Citizens Dialogue. This support mainly focuses on organizational development of the LCA, communication and outreach and capacity building.

Realization & Mainstreaming of Gender in LCA KP
In the constitution of the LCA-KP, a special quota of 33 % was allotted for women representation and 13 women members were elected to the 53-member Board of Governors (boG) yet their participation in events, meetings and related gatherings was non-existent. No woman member was part of the main provincial Executive Committee of the LCA. Owing to GIZ gender mainstreamed approach, the LCA was enabled to implement the following steps:
• To invite women members of the BoG to each meeting, and workshop as most of these events
were organized by GIZ for the partners
• Consistent efforts were ensured with the counterpart to at least include a woman member in the seven-member provincial Executive Committee, which they did include to make the Executive Committee as eight members
• To include women is various committees of the association, which were ultimately done
• To agree them to work on the gender strategy for a more inclusive association
• Agreement to support women in direct election for various LCA offices besides the 33 % quota
• To include women in each delegation, study trips, networking and association meetings- (that’s why the three participants who visited Germany from the LCA KP included a woman participant – the visit took place from July 28- August 4th, 2019 to Schleswig Holstein (Kiel Germany).
• To develop women centric success stories for outreach and communication products

Video Product Submission for Entry for the Gender Competition

To support, encourage and motivate the women councillors of the Local Governments as well as the LCA KP women members, we would like to submit the following video product for the competition. The video is developed on the personality and over-all struggle of the LCA KP BoG member, Ms Nusrat area. This product will soon be uploaded to the LCA KP website too (
Link to the video: