Marocco: Translating GIZ Gender Strategy into practice

Starting with the designation of two new Gender Focal Points in 2015, the GIZ Office in Morocco worked towards the implementation of the GIZ Gender Strategy through a strategic and concerted effort. In early 2016, the Gender Focal Points organized a series of workshops involving the Country Director, the Cluster Coordinators and the Project Representatives in order to find structural and sustainable solutions for the implementation of the Gender Strategy. Supported by an international gender expert they identified three priority themes for the GIZ Morocco Office, which are: Gender competency, promotion of gender equality on a project level and reconciliation of professional and private life.


In response to the three priority themes GIZ Morocco developed its first Gender Action Plan and carried out a series of 2,5 day gender training courses for colleagues from the five GIZ clusters in Morocco, notably Environment-Climate, Energy, Governance and Migration, and Sustainable Economic Development as well as an on-boarding session on “Gender at GIZ” for new national staff.

Stepwise additional Gender Focal Points (GFP) were appointed, ten at the level of the Sector Clusters and two for the GIZ Office as such. The Country Office established a “Gender Circle” to institutionalize the work of the fourteen GFP. In addition, various staff events promoted Gender Equity and the GIZ Gender Strategy and encouraged exchange on mixed leadership or experiences with regard to gender mainstreaming at project level. In 2018 GIZ Morocco endorsed a more extensive 2018+ Gender Action Plan that translates the strategic elements of the GIZ Gender Strategy into 32 concrete actions for implementation in Morocco.

2018_EN_GenderAward_RollUp_Marocco-1GENDER IMPACT

Gender is part of the country strategy and a standing agenda item in the on-boarding program for new national staff. Fifty staff members have been trained to efficiently promote gender equality in their projects. A standard for the general part of the GIZ Gender analyses is applied and enhances the analyses’ quality and saves time and efforts during the conception of new projects. Particularly strong and strategic cooperation exists with the Energy Cluster at the GIZ Morocco Office. As a pilot project, the Gender Focal Points together with the cluster prepared a SWOT analysis of the cluster’s portfolio from a gender perspective, including the partners from the Moroccan Ministry for Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development. As a direct impact of the concrete recommendations made, the Ministry has now established its own “Cellule Genre”. Since January 2018 GIZ Morocco supports the ministry in the training and organizational development of this new structure. The same approach shall be applied within other GIZ clusters.  Finally, a gender-sensitive system monitors the development of the staff structure and marks a first step towards the development of a Gender Equity Policy for national staff.

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