Causes of Gender Inequality? (Kenapa ada ketidaksetaraan gender?) - Indonesia

Description: (to be added)
Civil Engagment and Political Participation Project: Empowering Young Women and Sensitizing Young Men on Sexual Harassment through Art (Egypt)

Description: Video aims to provide insight to the activities organized by the project “Civic Engagement and Political Participation”: They trained trainers on civic engagement and at the same time focused on empowering young women through WenDo and sensitizing young men on sexual harassment through art. These activities have been organized and implemented by the project “Civic Engagement and Political Participation” under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports in cooperation with GIZ and commissioned by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Gender-Based Healthpromotion in Kirgisistan: Promotion of Medicare for Mothers and Children

Description: Kirgisistan is an important partner for German international cooperation because of its geographical location. Health Promotion in Kirgisistan is a priority of German development cooperation. In order to promote medicare for mothers and children new diagnostic equipment for hospitals, for example, were acquired. The diagnosis method of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS can be improved. Another project aims to drug prevention and is co-supervised by former drug addict.
KAIPTC Gender Policy

Political and Economic Participation of Women in Mauretania (La Participation Politique et Economique de la Femme en Mauritanie) - Musikvideo

Description: This Video is about political and economical participation of women in Mauretanien.
Refusing Machismo - Cuidado. El Machismo mata!

Description: Esta película documental muestra la valentía de un grupo de hombres cartageneros que se reunieron para promover nuevas formas de masculinidad y fomentar relaciones más equitativas entre los géneros. “Este cuento de ser macho, perro, homofóbico, mujeriego, callejero, mamador de ron, nos hace daño…”, dice un participante de la iniciativa.
Results of Community Dialogue in Central Java - Indonesia (Full Version)

Description: The video depicts the process and the results of community empowerment in Grajegan Village, Kendal District, Central Java, Indonesia. Emphasizing on the strengths of the people, rather than the existing problems, in fulfilling women's rights could make a difference to the life of both men and women.
Results of Community Dialogue in Central Java - Indonesia (Short Version)

Description: The video shows the process and the results of community empowerment in three villages in Lombok Barat District, NTB, Indonesia. Emphasizing on the strengths of the people, rather than the existing problems, in fulfilling women's rights could make a difference to the life of both men and women.
Role of Women in Mauretania (Place aux femmes en Mauritanie) - Music Video

Description: Music Video about the role of women in Mauretania focussing political and economic participation.
Sports and International Cooperation (South Africa)

Description: Keneilwe Mathibela made it. With only 18 years, the South African girl reached the national women's team, Banyana Banyana. Soon she will also lead the Group as captain. Today Keneilwe uses her fame and success to help disadvantaged young people through football. Her aim is to Support these Young People to take their lives into their own hands. In the project "Youth Development Through Football" by the German development cooperation Keneilwe coaches and teaches young people - and explains to them in an easy manner values such as fair play, respect, teamwork and solidarity.
Strengthening Women’s Rights: Community Dialogue in Central Java, Short Version

Description: Video about women rights and governmental Dialog on a local Level in Indonesia.
Successes in Gender Equality in Burundi

Description: This documentary movie presents typical work and life situations of women in Burundi in both male and female dominated environments. The women, colleagues and family members bear witness to improvements and new opportunities resulting from GIZ`s programs in Burundi.
The Youth for Safer Communities Project - Music Video (South Africa)

Description: Video about prevention of violence against women in South Africa.
This is Me - Access to Justice for Women Project (Cambodia)

Description: This music video is part of the Youth Media Campaign undertaken by the Ministry of Women's Affairs of Cambodia -with the support of GIZ- in 2010-2011. The campaign aims at fostering positive attitudes towards gender equality amongst young people, offering affirmative images of masculinities and feminities as well as promoting the idea of egalitarian relationships between men and women.
Uplifting video: Renewable Energy Supply for Rural Areas (RESRA) Project: Assisting Lives of Women and Children

Description: Shrimati Bhagwanti Portay and 11 other women seized the initiative provided by GIZ RESRA project: they started producing and selling ready-to-eat meals. Ever since their village has been provided with electricity from renewable sources, the women have been able to increase their production, as they have bought an electric flour mill. Today they produce 100 ready-to-eat meals a day. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, GIZ is providing rural areas in India with green energy. A power supply system has already been installed for 26 villages in two Indian states.
Upscaling of a Gender Approach in Forestry in Indonesia - Are Gender Projects Working in a Niche?

Description: Specific women empowerment approaches don't need to be a niche but can successfully be implemented in other sectors. The video illustrates the spirit of forestry officials in Indonesia taking part in a Community Dialogue facilitators training. The Community Dialogue approach was developed by the GIZ Strengthening Women's Rights project and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. With the facilitation of the colleagues working in the forestry sector, GIZ FORCLIME, the approach was introduced to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and is now implemented with national forestry budget in 2015.

Women's Learning Partnership: Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey