Add files to the database

Ok, this one is a little more tricky. The Genderweek-Websites provides the visitors with a database, that collects important documents and also videos (Youtube) from the pages.
You can see this “Media Center” here.

Before we now add a document or a video-link, we first have to upload a file to the database. Otherwise the Media Center wouldn’t know even about the existance of that particular document, right? This it how it works:

STEP 1 – Uploading a file

Within your post please click on the the “Filebase Icon” on top right of the Format Bar:


A new mask appears. We’re going through it step by step.

First: Klick on “Try the browser uploader”


Now: Select a file from your PC and fill out some of the fields of the form, as shown below:



Description field is not mandatory. Please ignore the “Tags” field



Fill out the title (optional) and select a category


Please do not select any secondary category.



Save the document into the database with “Add File”

STEP 2 – Embedding files into your post

To embedd a document into your post, click on the tab “Single File”, then select the template “Download Button” and choose a file from the folder:


This procedure creates a code in your page:


And this is how it looks: