Gender Transformative Approach
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Del acuerdo a la acción: reconstruyendo la biodiversidad desde la perspectiva de las mujeres.

Cultivating Safe Spaces and Creative Capacities for Women’s Entrepreneurship

De niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes LGBTIQ+ y sus familias

WomenEmpower Armenia Initiative

A Feminist Lens to Food Security in Cambodia

Access to Justice for Women and Girls with Disabilities who are Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

AI and Data Science Bootcamp for Women* and Minorities by FAIR Forward

Arabia Felix Brand

Build Women’s Skills in Construction

Boosting women representation in TUEWAS sectors

Capacity Development Support to Governance II (CDSG II)

Contribuciones Relativas a la Transversalización del Enfoque de Género en el Programa de Energías Renovables (PEERR) en Bolivia

Mujeres Shuar se certifican en buenas prácticas agrícolas.

Gender Inclusivity Drive – GIZ Brazil 2024

Empower Energía: Advancing Gender Equality in Chile’s Energy Sector

New Face of Woman in Rural Areas

Breaking ground: Empowering Indigenous Women as Guardians of Biodiversity in Laos

Learning about and Operationalizing Intersectional and Gender-transformative approaches in GIZ practice

Mobilizing and capacitating the Faith Sector as a credible and effective stakeholder in addressing gender-based violence in South Africa

Periods@Work – Many initiatives, one goal

Joint Gender Transformative Approaches Working Group (GTA-WG)


Empowering Women Through Innovative Flower Waste Management

Promotion de l’Electrification Rurale pars les Energies Renouvelables (PERER) – GIZ Madagascar

From gender approach to practice at GIZ Colombia

GIZ Forest and Climate Change

INA goes Feminist

Capitalizing On Good Practices of Gender Mainstreaming at GIZ

Towards Feminist Development Policy in GIZ Albania

The A2ii-SSN Report on the Gender Equity Survey of the Argentinian Insurance Market

Refroidissement Respectueux de l’Ozone et du Climat en Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale (ROCA)

The urban transformation is female!

Together for WoMEN: GIZ Jordan’s Holistic Approach to Gender Mainstreaming

40_English_GM_EMZ_Gender Focal Points Jordanien

Destination WEE in ICT in Jordan

Anti-sexual harassment in the workplace A practical guide for employers

Promoting gender diversity at GIZ Viet Nam

Planting seeds of change in India: How communal gardening and nutrition trainings improve nutrition security for women and young children and transform gender roles


Renforcement de la résilience des femmes à travers les cultures de diversification


The Pink Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Patna as part of the Circular Waste Solutions Project in India


¡Intercambio de saberes entre y para mujeres! Una apuesta por la incidencia política, económica y social de mujeres rurales en Colombia.

30_Espanol_GG1_APLAK_Propaz II

EmpowHER: ERADA’s Gender Equality Chronicles


Beit Byout: GIZ’s Gender Advocacy in Lebanese Communities

28_English_GG2_EMZ_Lebanon, Middle East_Gender Working Group

The Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility: Making Business easier for Women

27_English_GG2_APLAK_ICR Facility

Output 3 Sustainable Business development and output 4 Fostering employment & Employability


A holistic GIZ approach to promoting gender equality and diversity in Malawi

24_English_GM_AFRICA_Gender & Diversity Working Group

Anchoring the Feminist Development Policy in the technical cooperation with Egypt

22_English_GM_EMZ_FemDP technical cooperation

Elevating Gender Equality Initiatives in Lao PDR: Advancing through the Continuation of the Emission Reductions Programm


Strengthening Education and Health Services for Refugees and Host Communities in Pakistan (EHS) “Transforming Lives through Leadership of Afghan Women for Equitable Access to Health & Education”


Beitrag der Grünen Innovationszentren in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audit (DEI Audit)

13_English_GM_AFRICA_DEI Audit

Promotion of Solar Water Pumps- Indo-German Energy Programme

11_English_GG1_APLAK_PSWP Module

Indo-German Energy Programme – Access to Energy in Rural Areas (IGEN ACCESS)


Employment for Development Employment/Promotion for Women for the Green Transformation in Africa


Combating Sexual Harassment: Empowering Labour Market Actors in the Agri-Food Sector in Western Kenya


Gender Equality in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

06_English_GG1_AFRICA_Maasai Mara

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility through Gender Transformative Interventions in India


Textilarbeiterinnen in Bangladesch: Faktenbasierte Pfade zur Überwindung struktureller Benachteiligung von Frauen


Holistic Approach: Highlighting the DIGITS-wide Initiative ‘DIGITS… ist bunt’


Fund for Regional Stabilization and Development within ECOWAS