GIZ Vietnam: Catch Up and Move On

Event Documentation:

In an open and casual atmosphere  GIZ Vietnam staff was invited to catch up on recent gender debates in the development cooperation sector and to move on with their gender-sensitive programming. They also got the chance to win the GIZ Vietnam Gender Prize,- a small ironic reference to the fact, that none of the countries projects did apply for this year’s official GIZ gender award.

The Brown Bag Lunch started with a short video clip capturing three colleagues sharing personal thoughts, concerns about gender equality. We were asking, if we are obviously very aware of and concerned about gender equality in our personal lives, how can we bring this sensitivity also into the work that we are doing?

The participants were updated about the key messages relating to gender equality in highly political debates such as Sustainable Development Goals, G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau – Germany, Addis Ababa Action Agenda, The Green Climate Fund, and the Paris Agreement on climate change.  After that, key gender issues and their specific manifestations in each priority area of GIZ Vietnam (climate change and natural resource management, energy, vocational training) were presented. That triggered lively discussion. The question which arguments could be used to partner with institutions that are less convinced of  gender equality being a goal in it itself, evoked a heated debate. How can we better explain and measure the benefits of gender-sensitive project work.

Last but not least, a puzzle game were played in which the groups had to piece together old advertisements that display disturbing stereotypes about women’s roles. The winning team was awarded GIZ Vietnam Gender Prize“ which included  invitations to a special exhibition „Women and disasters“ in Women Museum in Hanoi and vouchers for the museum cafe terrace.

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When: 17th March

Where: GIZ Vietnam office, short workshop in the form of Brow Bag Lunch

 With: 30 participants (from projects of all 3+ priority areas in GIZ Vietnam)