GIZ Rwanda and GIZ Burundi: Five Questions to Gender Equality

When: 8 March 2016

Where: Kigali, Rwanda

With: all colleagues of GIZ Rwanda and colleagues of GIZ Burundi currently residing in Kigali

What: The event „Five Questions to Gender Equality“ creates space for reflection, discussion and exchange of ideas on five different elements of promoting gender equality – in our daily lives, in our work environment and in our communities. The event will start with the screening of a short film, in which 24 colleagues of GIZ Burundi, all answer 5 questions on gender equality. This will be followed by five discussion groups, in which participants will reflect on:

  • – What gender equality means in our daily lives; what is for you an indicator that gender equality has been achieved?
  • – Who is responsible for promoting gender equality in our country? What are their specific roles and contributions?
  • – The gender dimensions of crisis; how are men and women affected differently by the Burundian crisis?
  • – Equal opportunities for men and women in GIZ; why do international staff tend to be more critical than national staff?
  • – What are the main barriers for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace and how can these be overcome?

Ultimately, the event aims to inspire critical thinking and increase staff’s understanding of what gender equality and promoting gender equality means in our daily lives and during times of crisis. At the same time, GIZ Rwanda and GIZ Burundi hope to gain important insights into critical issues for fostering gender equality in the workplace.