GIZ Nepal: The Nepali adaption of “The Vagina Monologues 2016″

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a special performance dedicated to celebrate femininity, diversity, relationships and love:

Booking Show of: The Nepali adaption of “The Vagina Monologues 2016 – योनिकाकथाहरु

When: Tuesday, 08.03.2015, 4.30-6.00 pm Nepali time

Where: Rato Bangalar School in Pathandoka, Lalitpur, Nepal 

Initiated by: Gender Equality Circle of GIZ Nepal

Performing Group: Madalenas Nepal (Women’s Theatre Group of Mandala Theatre-Nepal, CPS-Partner Organisation; for more information see below)

The performance will be free of charge with special invitation to colleagues of GIZ Nepal and Partner Organizations. If you would like to join, please confirm via or

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About “The Vagina Monologues” and the Nepali adaption “The Vagina Monologues 2016 – योनिकाकथाहरु


The Vagina Monologues represent a poetic, inspiring and yet also challenging collection of female voices and experiences gathered by US-play-writer Eve Ensler through interviewing more than 200 women about their views on sex, relationships and violence against women and girls. They are being performed world-wide every February in celebration of the “V-Day” and “V-movement” – vagina, violence and victory (

The Monologues are not only a performance, but an essential process which encourages both actors and audience to engage with their own body, sexuality, joyful as well as violent experiences related to our gender. In the past three months we have engaged in 20 related workshops together with weekly, often even daily rehearsals. During this time, we have recognized each other within our own stories of pain, abuse, harassment, shame and struggles we face as a woman in Nepal. But we were also reminded of the power of arts and community to allow for individual and social transformation and healing. Thus, staging The Vagina Monologues has become a deeply transformative and empowering process for us as actors – it is this experience, which we aim to share with our audience.

The first performances were held from 12-14.02.2016 at Mandala Theatre-Nepal. All four shows were sold out and met with enthusiastic responses from our audience. Please see attached links for relevant media reports to give you a deeper insight.

If you wish to learn more about our actors, the process and production of “The Vagina Monologues 2016 –योनिकाकथाहरु”, please look at our Facebook-page: f/madalenasnepal and eventpage: or feel free to get in touch with us anytime

English Interview:
Nepali Newspaper Report:

Selected audiences’ responses:


Amazing work Team Madalenas Nepal. Thanks for putting up such a wonderful work on stage. 
Bold, strong and much needed message about respect, life and choice.


Thanks for staging such a wonderful work of art and spreading much needed message about respect, honor, choice and life. It was bold, strong and powerful.


It was an overwhelming experience. Thank you and hope to see more of your works. 
Kathmandu definitely needs this.



About the performing group “Madalenas Nepal”:

Madalenas Nepal is deeply rooted within Madalenas International and Theatre of the Oppressed. The Madalena-method and movement was developed by Barbara Santos and Alessandra Vanucci in the recognition of the need for female creative spaces to explore violence and oppression related to gender, as well as to provide equal opportunities for female artists to develop their professional skills.

With these roots Madalenas Nepal is understood as an all-women’s theater group integrated into Mandala Theatre-Nepal, that is offering and encouraging empowering, liberating, safe, creative and female spaces to share, learn, grow and perform together. In addition, it aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of female stories and narratives in a theatre-scene that is still dominated by patriarchal perspectives.

We currently have 13 members, who are based in Kathmandu and engaged in various art forms – mainly in theatre, but also in dance and in the exploration of creative approaches and expression that aim towards stimulating social transformation. Our formation-process started in July last year with the first Madalena-Laboratory being facilitated in Nepal by the GIZ/CPS Peace Advisor to Mandala Theatre-Nepal, Julia Scharinger.

If you are interested in learning more about us, please follow us on Facebook: f/madalenasnepal