GIZ Kenya: Gender mainstreaming in programmes and projects

When: March 22nd

Where: GIZ Kenya, Nairobi

With GIZ: Kenya Gender Focal Persons and Gender Focal Points from partner organisations

What: Gender Training:

Gender Focal Persons serve as resource persons within their respective programmes and their partner’s organisations. They are tasked to help raise awareness on gender related issues and also understanding on gender mainstreaming initiatives in the work place.The Gender Focal Person assist in the development of mechanisms for monitoring and accountability, including gender budgeting and development of methodologies and instruments necessary to support gender mainstreaming efforts in all areas of the work of the sector.

Also the Gender Focal Persons collects various views and concerns on gender issues and relay the same to programme leader and managers for their actions.

The GIZ Gender Focal Persons are not necessarily specialities in gender fields and some may have previous experience in gender equality initiative or some may have completely no experience in gender issues. Therefore, it is the mandate of GIZ to support the professional development of the Focal Persons and increase their capacity in handling gender sensitive issues and in mainstreaming gender in their respective programmes. The aim of the workshop is to equip the Gender Focal Persons with adequate knowledge on gender concepts and skills on how to mainstream gender and include gender sensitive initiatives in their programmes.