Eschborn: Gender Competition Award Ceremony

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This year, a total of 87 teams from 52 countries took part in the Gender Competition – a new record. ‘Gender equality is a human right, a key to sustainable development and a hallmark of our work’s quality,’ said Tanja Gönner, Chair of GIZ’s Management Board, during the Awards Ceremony on 7 March. ‘With the Gender Competition, our aim is to promote creativity and innovation and make visible – and reward – our colleagues’ commitment and expertise.’

This year’s first prize went to the global BACKUP Health programme, with second and third places going to the renewable energies and energy efficiency programme in Mexico and a vocational training and sustainable development initiative in Ghana. Above, the jury of GIZ’s internal Gender Competition has granted a special Award to ComVoMujer, a Latin American regional initiative combating violence against women.

Insgesamt haben in diesem Jahr 87 Teams aus 52 Ländern beim Genderwettbewerb teilgenommen – neuer Rekord. „Die Gleichberechtigung von Frauen und Männern ist ein Menschenrecht, ein Schlüssel für nachhaltige Entwicklung und ein Qualitätsmerkmal unserer Arbeit“, so Vorstandssprecherin Tanja Gönner anlässlich der Verleihung am 7. März.  „Mit dem Wettbewerb wollen wir Kreativität und Innovation fördern und das Engagement und Wissen der Kolleginnen und Kollegen sichtbar machen und honorieren.“

Den ersten Preis erhielt in diesem Jahr „BackUp:Gesundheit“, ein weltweit umgesetztes Gesundheitsprogramm. Über den zweiten und dritten Preis freuen sich das Programm zu Energieeffizienz und erneuerbaren Energien in Mexiko und ein Vorhaben zur Berufsbildung und nachhaltigen Wirtschaftsförderung in Ghana. Darüberhinaus verleihte die Jury des GIZ internen Genderwettbewerbs einen Sonderpreis an ComVoMujer, eine Latein Amerikanische Regionalinitiative, die Gewalt gegen Frauen bekämpft.


When: Monday, 7 March 2016, 3 pm German time (tbc)


Ms. Goenner at the award ceremony 2014

Where: Eschborn, Auditorium 1 + 2, with live streaming in English and Spanish via the intranet

The live stream can be accessed here:

With: Ms. Tanja Goenner, Ms. Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven the Director General for Global Issues, Sector Policies and Programs in the BMZ, Ms. Birgit Klesper, German Telekom Senior Vice President Group Transformational Change & Corporate Responsibility (tbc), the Award winning teams of the 2016 Gender Competition from Ecuador, Ghana, Mexico and ‘GloBe’ and musical accompaniment by “Strom + Wasser and the refugee women”

What: Gender pays off! – Together with high ranking representatives from the public and private sector we will share the excellent work done for the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment. 87 teams from all over the world participated. Their commitment and concrete results make us proud. They provide the evidence that gender equality pays off and improves the quality of our work. To honor the great work done and especially the Award winning teams of this year’s Gender Competition we invite all colleagues in Eschborn and abroad to join us for the Award Ceremony. Grace the occasion with your presence, familiarize yourself with up to date political commitments and expectations, good practice examples and witness the engagement of civil society activists such as the Band Strom & Wasser” who plays together with female musicians seeking asylum in Germany.

See the flyer for the four main Gender Week events in Germany here:

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