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GIZ Palestine: “We are a voice, not an echo” – How Palestinian refugee women engage in their communities

Ramallah, West Bank/Palestine – “You should go and work in a store not as a taxi driver!” A young Palestinian man is taking a taxi in Ramallah´s city centre and cannot believe that a young woman is driving the taxi.

GIZ Vietnam: Catch Up and Move On

Event Documentation: In an open and casual atmosphere  GIZ Vietnam staff was invited to catch up on recent gender debates in the development cooperation sector and to move on with their gender-sensitive programming. They also got the chance to win

GIZ Tunisia: Gender Challenge 2016

Documentation of the Event: Throughout the Gender Week GIZ staff members in Tunisia received daily mails asking them to observe, look for, analyse and reveal gender-related inequalities and phenomena in everyday life with a new Topic each day (questions: please see

GIZ Tunisia: Reception with the German Embassy and the Goethe Institute Tunis

Event Documentation: Following the invitation by Petra Dachtler (Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy in Tunis) some 80 representatives of Tunisian civil society organisations, other embassies and UN agencies came to watch the BMZ movie on economic participation of

GIZ Palestine: Theater Play “UM Mohammed shines” on International Women’s Day

Documentation of the Event: The GIZ Gender Focal Point Group in Ramallah performed a theater play “UM Mohammed shines”, celebrating International Women’s Day. Unexpected acting talents were revealed and due to the great cooperation among programs and staff everybody seemed

GIZ Tanzania: Seminar on the Rights of Women under the Maputo protocol and Accessing the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Please access the concept note and program of the event here:

GIZ Mongolia: Gender week event

Event Documentation: GIZ globally announced the Gender week 2016 between March 7-11, 2016 on the topic of gender equality and women’s empowerment. In accordance with this occasion, IMRI program organized an event of “Current gender equality issues in Mongolia” in

GIZ Egypt: Training on gender and combating sexual harassment through creative youth-friendly campaigns

Documentation of the Event: IFMSA & New Imprint Foundation Training (GIZ Egypt) – 24 university students from 10 Egyptian governorates have successfully participated in a three-day intensive training programme on campaigning to combat sexual harassment.  The training programme included presentations

GIZ Egypt: WenDo self-defence workshop with awareness raising session

Documentation of the event: WenDo Workshop (GIZ Egypt) – 12 female colleagues from GIZ Egypt participated in a basic WenDo training workshop organized in the framework of the GIZ Gender Week 2016. WenDo is a holistic self-defence approach that teaches participants

GIZ Bangladesh: Stories of Change – Celebrating International Women’s Day

Event Documentation: “Gender equality starts at home! – that is one of the five strategic elements in the framework of the GIZ Gender Strategy. Gender equality within the company – what does it mean to us? On International Women’s Day,

GIZ Tunisia: Narcisse

Event Documentation: Around 50 GIZ staff watched the Tunisian movie “Narcisse” followed by a debate with director Sonia Chamkhi and several actors. The movie tells the story of Hind, a 30-year-old actress, who has the lead role in a play

GIZ Tunisia: Women and (local) politics

Documentation of the Event: Framed by a thought-provoking and informative input by Salwa Kennou, president of the NGO AFTURD and expert on participation of women in (local) politics, around 15 GIZ staff met with several participants in the project “La

GIZ Cameroon: « Le Genre en Action / Gender in Action »

Documentation de la manifestation: La 9ème édition de la série d’évènements «Semaine Genre» de la coopération allemande s’est déroulée du 2 au 4 mars 2016. La coopération allemande – à travers la Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung, le Goethe-Institut, la KfW, le DAAD

GIZ Indonesia: “Pledge for Parity” Gender Event 2016

Report of the Event: “Pledge for Parity” was the theme of the 7th annual gender event organized by the GIZ in Indonesia. The event took place in the Cemara 6 Galeri-Museum on 2 March 2016. In honour of this occasion

Bonn/Eschborn: Assessing Economic Empowerment of Women in Private Sector Promotion – Best practices, instruments and success stories

Documentation of the Event: The session presented the findings from two recent studies of the Sector Project Private Sector Development: 1. The results of an in-depth case study involving seven development interventions implemented in eight countries that have been analysed

GIZ India: Gender Day Meet and GIZ India Gender Market Place

Event Documentation: Content and Background: Ambition, competence, determination and resourcefulness do not come with gender labels. Women enter India’s workforce in large numbers, and deliver valuable contribution to the gross national domestic product. However, despite India’s admirable record of economic

Indonesia: Gender Mainstreaming in the Indonesian Forestry Sector

GENDER MAINSTREAMING IN THE INDONESIAN FORESTRY SECTOR The FORCLIME approach FORCLIME’s approach is derived from the recognition that responsibilities, vulnerabilities and decision-making powers of individuals and groups in relation to forestry and climate change can be attributed to social structures

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Eschborn: Gender Competition Award Ceremony

Event Documentation: This year, a total of 87 teams from 52 countries took part in the Gender Competition – a new record. ‘Gender equality is a human right, a key to sustainable development and a hallmark of our work’s quality,’