Infostand of the GIZ Equal Opportunities Commissioner Bonn

8 March is International Women’s Day, a day that stands for equal rights and against discrimination against women*, a day for solidarity among and with women* – and therefore a day on which we would like to come together with you in Bonn!

Meet us on 7 March in the corridor in front of the Mäanderkantine between 9 am and 2 pm at our information stand in Bonn and:

  • Win great book prizes from authors from the events organised by the entire equality team! Prerequisite for participation: Participation in a short flash on the question of how equal you feel at GIZ
  • “Equality to go”: GIZ equality highlights for your trouser/skirt pocket
  • Daycare centre closed and important presence meeting? Would you like to get to know other GIZ parents? Sign up for a tour of the Bonn parent-child offices followed by a GIZ parents’ lunch!
  • Set an example together! Create a joint International Women’s Day picture with us: canvas, stickers, brushes and colours are waiting to create a picture with a message. This will then be exhibited here in the Equal Opportunities Team channel and in the Bonn Equal Opportunities Office!

We look forward to seeing you!