ICM-Lesotho: The Role of Women in Natural Resource Management

The Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) programme in Lesotho commemorates this year’s International Women´s Day with a Community-Dialogue on the role of women in natural resource management (NRM).

The goal of the ICM programme is the sustainable management of land and water resources in Lesotho. It is aimed at combatting land degradation and the depletion of water catchments in the country. Both, women and men use and manage natural resources and influence the condition of the environment in the country. However, women’s roles are often less visible than men’s and are not formally recognised in the communities. This highly affects the degree to which women´s experiences and knowledge is considered in planning and decision-making within NRM.

The Community-Dialogue aims to create a platform for constructive dialogue between men and women to discuss gaps and opportunities for promoting gender equality and especially women empowerment in NRM. The focus lies on the appreciation of the roles and tasks that the other gender fulfils within NRM. At the end, commitments are to be recorded on vision boards, which will later be accessible to the communities in the catchment offices.

Friday, 8. March, 9-17 (UTC+2)