Final conference withing the Campaign “Improve Gender equality”

The German Development Cooperation project “Support to Social Inclusion in Serbia (GIZ SIP)” has supported the Ministry of Human, Minority Rights and Social Dialogue (MHMRSD) to conduct the campaign for improvement of gender equality in Serbia. The aim of the campaign is to increase the number of reports that legal entities are obliged to submit by the Law on Gender Equality. The concept of the campaign included holding 5 info sessions in several cities in Serbia in which experts provided inputs and guidelines to the representatives of the legal entities on reporting in accordance with the Law and presented the Guidelines they created (creation of the guidelines was also supported by GIZ SIP) for the implementation of the Law, as well as a final conference in Belgrade. As part of the campaign, a video has been filmed, and is already being broadcast nationwide on the TV stations and presented in the five info session events. The message in the movie is “Submit the report, improve gender equality”. Video can be accessed here Rodna ravnopravnost.  This activity is the continuation of the cooperation between the SIP and MHMRSD since another campaign has been implemented during the 16 days of activism, called “Stop femicide!”