Weblog article: „Navigating the Concrete Jungle: The Gender Divide in Urban Life”

Kibagare Slum in Nairobi, Kenya

© Ninara/Flickr

Different genders experience cities in distinct ways. Nine out of ten women feel unsafe in public spaces, they continue to face inaccessibility, insecurity and various forms of sexual harassment and violence. In her Urbanet article Paula Meth addresses the intersection of poverty and gender and the impact it has on women’s lives in informal settlements. The article „Navigating the Concrete Jungle: The Gender Divide in Urban Life” was first published in 2017 but is still highly relevant for feminist development policy today. Urbanet republished Meth’s article on 21st March 2023 as part of the spotlight on „Gender, LNOB and feminist development policy“. Urbanet is a weblog that fosters the international dialogue on development cooperation and provides a platform for experts in the fields of sustainable urban development, municipal and local governance, and decentralization.

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